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Note: This page contains affiliate links, so if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). 🙂

Hey guys! After traveling for an entire year, I’ve finally made a packing list of my favorite travel gear! Most of this stuff seriously got me through my entire trip and I’m still currently traveling with a lot of it!

My Bags

The Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage 60-Liter

This bag has been with me for one full year of travel! I love it because I can wheel it most places, but put it on my back when the terrain is rougher. It’s convertible and super sturdy is easily expandable when you have more things and can get small when you have less! I LOVE this bag.

Gatta Bag Mirrorless Camera Purse

This bag is perfect if you’re like me and want to be stylish, but also carry around a camera. I have a mirrorless camera which is perfect for this bag. It’s a perfect bag for the day to day and you can even take it out on the town!


Lo&Sons Weekender Bag

I love love this bag for weekend trips! Living inn San Francisco I would ALWAYS use this! My favorite is the extra compartment at the bottom for shoes and other toiletries!

Large Longchamp Tote Bag

This thing saved my life in Europe. It packs really small so I would put it in my Osprey pack until I needed it in Europe. This made me feel like I could blend in a little more instead of having to haul a daypack backpack around. It was also great for the beach!

REI Co-op Muy Grande Shower Kit

I love traveling with this because it hangs in any shower, is waterproof and holds full-size toiletries perfectly!

Waterproof Dry Bag

This was perfect for holding my camera and phone while diving ad doing water sports in SE Asia. It’s also great for bringing to the beach and keeping your stuff dry!

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

I can’t speak highly about packing cubes. They keep your bag completely organized and have helped me so much on my trip. It doesn’t really matter the brand, but I like eagle creek because of their flexibility and you can really fit a lot into each pack.

Anti-Theft Day Pack

I travel with a purse, a day pack and my larger bag onn longer journeys. This bag is perfect for traveling with a lot of camera gear or electronics.


Clear Makeup Bag

I loved having a clear makeup bag while traveling. It made it easy to find things when I needed them quickly and this one holds longer items like a toothbrush and toothpaste.


Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera

This camera is seriously the best thing to happen to me! I’ve used it for over a year and it’s the perfect size for traveling. Plus the photos come out clear and crisp without much fidgeting with the camera. You don’t need to know a thing about photography to get great photos with this thing. Check out my Instagram to see the photos I’ve taken with it – @travelingspud

GoPro Hero 5

This is perfect if you’re traveling alone and want some epic selfies or want to make some videos! I loved having mine when I was on water adventures or wanted photos of myself when I was solo.

Kindle Fire

So, I’ll be honest. I don’t actually travel with a Kindle although I wish I did! I am a weirdo who has a library app on her phone and read books on my phone or paperback. HOwever, I wish I did have a Kindle so my eyes don’t go crazy when I read!

MacBook 12″ Retina Display

This computer is the PERFECT travel size. I could slip it in my daypack and it’s so light that I couldn’t even tell I had it. The keyboard takes a bit to get used to since they are small keys and the computer is brand new, but I LOVE the size of this thing. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a USB plug or a camera memory card slot. I purchased the adapter (down in the gadget section) to plug in usbs.


iPhone Battery Charge Case

This case has saved my life a million times while on the road! You only have to charge it overnight and all day you’ll have two full charges. It’s probably one of my favorite travel items and I don’t like traveling without it!

3-Way GoPro Tripod and Selfie Stick

I love this gadget because it’s so convertible! You can make the pole long or short and you can also use it as a tripod when you’re traveling solo or want a still image on your Gopro!


I always travel with one or two locks. They are especially helpful for hostel lockers and if you’d like to lock up your bag.

USB International Wall Charger

This thing is a lifesaver because it allows you to charge multiple electronics at once. It’s especially nice if you’re in a hostel with only one plug. And the international plugs help a lot while moving countries!

iPhone Charger Cords

I bought a pack of these because I know myself and knew I’d lose some. It was nice to have multiple in case I lost once I could use another I had packed instead of having to go on a search mission to find another one.

Apple USB-C to USB adapter

Since the new Macbook (above) doesn’t have a USB slot, I use this to plug in USB adapters on the road.


I usually bring a few headphones with me just in case I lose a set!

International Power Adapter

This has been a perfect adapter for all over the world. I can easily plug in my computer and USB’s into it without any issues. It also has the plugs for all international countries which makes it perfect for traveling anywhere.

Travel Wallet 

I love my travel wallet because it stores my passport and my travel documents. I also use it in my bag to pad my laptop. I know…I’m a weirdo.

Toiletries & Personal Care

Most toiletries you can purchase while you’re on the road, but here are some of my fave products that I’ve been using this past year on the road.

Kiehl’s Face Lotion & Face Wash

I love the travel size version of the Kiehl’s face lotion. I actually travel with the full-size travel face wash because I love it so much.

Diva Cup

Diva Cups are perfect for women who don’t want to deal with buying tampons on the road. Some countries don’t even sell tampons so this is a nice option.

Bumble & Bumble Salt Spray

This stuff has saved my life while on the road. I have naturally wavy hair so I used this after getting out of the shower and my hair gets perfect beachy waves. I haven’t had to bring a blow dryer or curling iron on my trip for this exact reason!

Dry Shampoo by Lee Stafford

This hands down the best dry shampoo I have found and I’ve tried soooo many brands! It smells so good and really does an amazing job. I got a lot of complements that my hair smelled great even though secretly it was dirty 😉

REI Microfiber Towel

This was and is the only towel I use while traveling in hostels. It packs light and dries quickly which is perfect for being on the go all the time. Some people I know say it’s smart to buy two of them which would have been nice, but I just didn’t have the room.

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