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The 12 Best Restaurants in Boise

I am a big foodie and love finding the newest, hottest restaurants in Boise and the entire Treasure Valley. As Boise has grown a lot in the past few years we’ve had many new restaurants pop up! I’ll try my best to keep up and keep adding my favorite restaurants in Boise Idaho. If you want more real-time restaurant recommendations in Boise, let’s be friends on Instagram @travelingspud!

1)  Petite 4

This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Boise and is one of the only ones on this list that’s not a downtown Boise restaurant! It’s usually pretty packed because it’s so popular so you need to call to make a reservation. Typically people will cancel their reservation so the chances are pretty good of getting in. The only issue is that it’s located in a somewhat random area on the Boise Bench, but it’s still so fun! Petite 4 is wonderfully decorated and reminds me of a restaurant you could find in San Francisco. The food is french fusion and the chef is fantastic. It’s truly a wonderful dining experience! Definitely try the scallops and one of their great cocktails.

best restaurants in Boise

2) Alavita

This spot is hands down my favorite Italian joint in town! Everything is extremely fresh and the vibes at the restaurant are super swanky and fun. It’s the perfect spot for a date night in downtown Boise or if you just want a nice meal of wine and pasta. The pasta here is all made fresh and there are some unique items on the menu. Try the squid ink ravioli when you go!

best restaurants in Boise

3) Barbacoa

Looking for a true eating experience? Barbacoa is it. Their steak, seafood, and overall exotic ambiance are unparalleled to anywhere else in Boise. I always order tableside guacamole, the “Hot Rock” steak, and a dirty martini that comes in an iced glass. Just trust me when I say this place is great. They even have a rooftop and outdoor seating when you go in the summer.

best restaurants in Boise

4) Capitol Cellars

Capitol Cellars is an Idaho institution and you really haven’t truly eaten local ingredients from Idaho until you go here. It’s located in a cellar on 5th and Main and almost feels like you’re dining in a wine cellar. Capitol Cellars is a family-run restaurant that has deep seeds in Idaho as well as the wine industry in Napa Valley. They have a vast selection of wonderful wines to drink with your meal, a full bar, and an incredible chef. I love the prime rib and seafood risotto the most! This is another spot that made my Most Romantic Restaurants in Boise list. Note that they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the entire menu is great. 

best restaurants in Boise

5) Txikiteo

This Basque cuisine and tapas place is located downtown Boise and has been super popular with the locals. They have a ton of fresh, shareable tapa selections and a great wine list and overall selection. You can also go here for coffee earlier in the day if you want to get some work down. Also, if it’s a nice day, their patio is great for a meal outside! Note that they aren’t located in the Basque Block like many people might think, but it’s still very much worth a visit.

best restaurants in Boise

6) The Wylder

The Wylder is a wonderful, go-to spot for locally sourced gourmet pizzas, salads, and shared plates. They are located in the downtown area, near Boise Brewing and Trader Joe. The decor is hip and fun, the service is great, and they have excellent cocktails. In the summer you can sit outside and in the winter it has a cozy vibe. If you go, try the mouth watering Honey Badger pizza, mushroom toast, fingerling potatoes, brussel sprouts and the True Grit cocktail!

best restaurants in Boise

7) Hyde House

The Hyde House is located in Hyde Park (the hipster, granola part of Boise that I love) and is in the middle of the famous 13th Street. The restaurant itself is in an old victorian house that’s been converted into a cute restaurant and large patio. They serve farm-to-table dishes and change their menu each season. I’ve also been told they also do a great brunch although I haven’t been. The dinner is amazing and the patio is worth going to just to sit out and people watch!

best restaurants in Boise

8) Modern Hotel

The Modern is actually a hotel, but they have some of the best food in town. Their modern restaurant/lounge area is small, with a large patio and fun bar. Their cocktails are amazing and their food is even better. They switch out their menu seasonally, but they’ve always got great dishes that are instagram worthy! Come here to share some plates, or get your own entrees. It’s perfect for a date night and can also hold larger groups depending on the time of night.

best restaurants in Boise

9) Red Feather

Red Feather is an award-winning staple in downtown Boise and has been here a long time. There’s a reason why! It’s an awesome spot to sit outside on the patio or sit inside the swanky and cozy inside. They have a seasonal menu and have different types of American/Italian dishes. I love sharing plates and usually get a pizza and brussel sprouts just about every time I come!

best restaurants in Boise

10) Alyonka Russian Cuisine

This place is so fun and a great way to change up the typical types of food we all eat at Boise restaurants. Alyonka is owned and operated by a local woman, Elena DeYoung, who was born and raised in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. She now owns Alyonka on State St. and it is SO GOOD!  If you’re looking for a date night or just a fun friend’s night out to try something new I highly recommend this place for dinner. It is small inside, so I do recommend reservations, especially on the weekends. Please do yourself a favor and order the shuba, the smoked gouda spread, the Pelmeni, and the honey cake! You can also try Russian beers here which we thought was fun. 

best restaurants in Boise

11) Fork

The same people that own Alavita above, own Fork. Fork has been a Boise staple for many years downtown and has great Idahoan grub. Come here for the appetizers and their great entrees. The decor isn’t my favorite, but the vibe is fun and it’s always packed no matter what time of the day it is! Go here for great service and food that will make you want to come back!

best restaurants in Boise

12) The Lively

Upon stepping into the Lively you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a hip, big city. I love the decor, cocktails, and food. The ambiance is what I love the most about this place, but their food is equally as good! My favorite thing on the menu is hands down the meatballs!

best restaurants in Boise

Honorable Mentions: 

There are a few other restaurants that are still worth mentioning because they are great.

  • Coa de Jima – This is a great newer spot on 6th street in downtown Boise. They have latin inspired food and great cocktails in a cozy atmosphere!
  • Chandlers – This is known as one of the fanciest/most expensive restaurants in Boise. It’s located in Hotel 43 and has great steak and cocktails!
  • Tupelo Honey – The fried chicken, cauliflower tacos, and brunch here are amazing. 
  • Mai Thai – This is a great spot for all Asian fusion.
  • Little Pearl Oyster Bar – I still haven’t been here, but everyone raves about the food.
  • Bittercreek Alehouse and Bardenay – Both of these are Boise staples and worth mentioning here for great a la carte offerings and pub fare. 
Petite 4 restaurant
Mai Thai food
Modern Hotel food


best restaurants in Boise

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