Many of you have seen my favorite restaurants in Boise, but not all of these are great for the pocket book. So, I figured it was time to share some cheap places to eat in Boise! I’ve invited my friend and Boise foodie experts, Alex and Rose, over at BoiFood to help me out and share their recommendations on where we need to go to find yummy, but cheap places to eat here in Boise. Welcome, Alex and Rose!

Aloha! We’re Alex and Rose, we run Boifood Media. And we’re just a couple of thrift queens who both recently got bit by the travel bug. We’re all about celebrating food, beverages, pop, and the magical art of treating yourself in the Treasure Valley, and beyond. Come eat with us! Check us out here.

We’ve all met that one millennial who couldn’t pay rent because of their avocado toast splurges. Luckily for you, I’m Alex from Boifood and I’ve totally been there. You can easily spend $40 a day or less in Idaho! Here’s a list of some of my favorite cheap bites in the heart of the Treasure Valley:

Boise cheap eats

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Boise

1. Winco (anytime cheap Idaho eats)

Pro Tip: Food is always cheaper at grocery stores!

After watching Salt Fat Acid Heat, I’ve been inspired to visit local’s grocery stores any time I travel. Perfect for take-home souvenirs as well. Some of my favorite local products to find are the Idaho Potato Ale from Bear Island Brewing and the Idaho Candy Company Idaho (Chocolate) Spud. Also, a fun fact ‘Winco’ is an acronym for the states the grocer originally started in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon. You can find a list of their locations here

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Boise

2. Capri Restaurant (breakfast)

The very definition of a greasy diner, my favorite place to end up on the weekends for brunch. It makes you feel good to be in America. It’s quintessential Boisean fare and fits perfectly in anyone’s budget. If you’re looking for breakfast, Capri should easily be on your list for places to eat in Boise!

Capri restaurant - 5 Cheap Places to Eat in Boise



3. Tangos Empanadas (lunch)

This Boise staple is known for Ecuadorian empanadas. What’s not to love when they come at $2.50 and are the definition of a mom and pop shop! It’s a great meal on the go, I always make sure to get savory and a sweet. Check them out here

Tangos Empanadas - 5 Cheap Places to Eat in Boise


4. Tasso (anytime)

It’s one of my favorite pop-ins for lunch downtown, they have a great location. The Carruthers (owners of Tasso) style and attention to detail permeates Tasso, and their price range is something worth applauding for. Breakfast, for instance, can range anywhere from $3-$11.

Tasso food

5. Pie Hole (dinner)

Most Idahoan’s know the joys of Pie Hole slices which can be enjoyed any time at night. Slices can range from the classic potato bacon to random delectable creations like ramen pesto. 

Pie Hole

Thank you both for your wonderful recommendations. For more delicious meals in Boise, check out my other favorite Boise restaurants here! 

Still looking for more cheap restaurants in Boise? Check out some other faves like, Baguette Deli, Kibrom’s Ethiopian food and Capitol Building food trucks on weekdays!


5 Cheap Places to Eat in Boise
5 Cheap Places to Eat in Boise
Boise affordable places to eat

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