5 Hot Springs in Iceland You MUST VisitIf you’re traveling to Iceland any time soon the hot springs should be at the top of your list. To Icelandic people, going to the hot springs is a way of life. Not only are they hidden all over the island, but there are public pools everywhere as well. They love to get their soak on! *Just remember to be courteous and clean up after yourself if you’re going to more remote hot springs* šŸ™‚

While traveling the Ring Road in Iceland, my friend and I tried to stop at any and every hot springs we could find, whether public, private or hidden. We found some gems! Here are 5 hot springs in Iceland you MUST visit when you’re there. Also, I must mention that these are just a few of the many Icelandic hot springs! I traveled for about a month with an Icelandic guy on my year around the world and he let me know there are TONS of hidden hot springs that Icelandic people purposefully keep from tourists to enjoy for themselves. If you’re lucky you might find them. šŸ™‚

Most of these are along the Ring Road outside of Reykjavik, so if you’re doing a camper van trip like I did or driving across you’ll be able to easily stop at each!

5 Hot Springs in Iceland You MUST Visit

Top Hot Springs in Iceland

1. Reykjadalur Hot Springs

This one is a hot river high up in the mountain. It takes about an hour to hike up to it, but it’s very much worth it and it’s free! If you’re there in colder weather be sure to walk all the way to the end of the river so you actually sit in hot water. We made the mistake of getting in where it was still cold and that was no bueno.

Reykjadalur Hot Springsmountain hot spring5 Hot Springs in Iceland You MUST Visit

2. Mytvan

This is the less touristy Blue Lagoon located in the northern part of Iceland. I liked this one much more than the Blue Lagoon because it was less crowded and had more of a local feel.Mytvan IcelandMytvan hot spring

3. Secret Lagoon

This one was so relaxing and amazing. It’s called the secret lagoon, but really it’s probably the least secret of some of these since it’s situated right in town. There weren’t many people there when we went and it was in a gorgeous setting. We could have stayed there for days!
Secret Lagoon

4. Seljavellir

This is actually a free hot springs and one of the oldest in Iceland, but requires a hike to find it. The setting is so beautiful!
5 Hot Springs in Iceland You MUST Visit

5. Blue Lagoon

It’s extremely touristy, but the images of this lagoon are what put Iceland on the tourism map. Go here to get the full experience complete with mud masks and a bar in the pool.Blue Lagoon - 5 Hot Springs in Iceland You MUST Visit

Blue Lagoon - Hot Springs in Iceland You MUST Visit

Do you know of any other secret ones that I’ve missed? Would love to know for my next trip šŸ™‚


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