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50 Things I’ll Miss About Living in San Francisco

I can’t believe I actually moved away from the city I love so dearly! I wanted to post this while I was still in SF, but never got around to it. Since I’ve been traveling for about a week it’s now or never! Here is my list of 50 things I’ll miss about living in San Francisco.

I could go on all day and have way more than 50, but I had to stop somewhere. The city by the bay will always have my heart. Here we go….

  1. My friends! I moved here without knowing a single human and have made the best of friends here. FML I will miss them.
  2. MY APARTMENT. OMG it is the most amazing, rent controlled place I could have found. AND I have the best roommates and neighbors.
  3. My job at Glassdoor. It’s certainly the best job I’ve ever had with the most amazing co-workers. I’m gonna miss it and them so much.
  4. The open-mindedness of the city and the locals. Everyone is free to be themselves and I love that about living here.
  5. Peter Pan syndrome. I kinda love it. No one wants to grow up in SF and it definitely feels like ‘college after college’.
  6. Walking to the Marina from my house in North Beach and enjoying the beautiful views of the boats in the marina, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  7. Getting coffee at Philz coffee truck on the Marina green.
  8. Taking the ferry to Tiburon to brunch at Sam’s.
  9. DIM SUM nights with my friends.
  10. Urban hiking – I’ve done a ton of them and they are all cool.
  11. SantaCon and Bay2Breakers. Duh.
  12. The SF rooftops. Nothing is better.
  13. Speaking of rooftops. FLEETWEEK. Oh, how I will miss this wonderful day.
  14. The city festivals and street fairs. In SF there seems to always be a street festival. In the summer every neighborhood has their own! Examples of my faves are the Vintners Markets, North Beach Festival, Chinese New Year Parade, Fillmore Jazz Fest, Hardly Strictly & SF Pride.
  15. Beer and wine tasting in the city!
  16. The fact that everyone here is an early adopter and most of these cool apps come from the great SF minds. Hello Venmo, Square, Lyft, Uber…
  17. The ease of getting out of the city to go wine tasting, hiking, boating, camping, beaching. It’s all close by!
  18. The weather…okay sorta. Sometimes it really sucks when SF doesn’t have summer while everyone else has summer weather, but the Indian Summer we do have makes up for it!
  19. Living 4 blocks from the water. Not too shabby and I’m gonna majorly miss this.
  20. Karl the Fog. That’s right. The fog in SF has a name and it’s Karl.
  21. The fact that you can walk into a new neighborhood and feel like you’re being transported into a totally different city. I love the different cultures in each neighborhood.
  22. Golden Gate Park. Good times have been had here and the park goes on FOREVER.
  23. Mission burritos from Pancho Villa and Taquiria CanCun.
  24. Loving Cup. Gimmeee… I wanted to take some with me on the plane.
  25. Karaoke in Japantown. YASSS.
  26. Spinsters + DG Alum group. So glad I joined both of these groups in the city! I’ve met some amazing people thru both.
  27. Mosaic staircase. Not sure I’ll really miss these, but they are so cool and worth a trip at least once.
  28. Cheap mani-pedi’s.
  29. Lipo Lounge for Mai Thai’s in Chinatown
  30. Alamo Square.
  31. Dolores Park and BiRite ice creamery.
  32. BRUNCH and bottomless anywhere. I love brunch.
  33. Fresh seafood and awesome sushi.
  34. The Giants, Warriors and Niners. Bandwaggoner fan all the way.
  35. Day drank. I’ll still be able to do this, but it’s almost like a ritual in SF.
  36. Bro-ing out in the Marina at Frat Mason (Fort Mason).
  37. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge every day for work.
  38. Movies and drankkss at the Kabuki theatre.
  39. Concerts at the The Fillmore and The Independent.
  40. Giants games and garlic fries.
  41. Football season and bar hopping.
  42. Smuggler’s Cove.
  43. Bun Mee sandwiches, Pho, and Ramen.
  44. North Beach pizza and pasta. Golden Boy and Tony’s.
  45. My hair salon – Lyon Street.
  46. Driving up the hills and getting sweet views up each one.
  47. Sailing on the bay.
  48. Views of Alcatraz, Coit Tower, Bay Bridge, TransAmerica from my rooftop
  49. Casual vibe of the city. It’s laid back and everyone wears work out close all.the.time. I dig it.
  50. Living in such a beautiful place, surrounded by water. I love this city and it will always hold a very special place in my heart!
    50 Things I'll Miss About San Francisco | The Traveling Spud



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