I didn’t grow up in a state with a professional baseball team…sad, I know.  But, when I moved to SF I quickly hopped on the bandwagon rooting for the Giants. After going to my first game I fell in love with the stadium and now I’ve been to too many games to count because I love it so much. Here are my 8 reasons to visit AT&T park!

1. Views of the Bay

Some of the best views of the bay are sitting right there in the seats at AT&T. When the sun sets and the sailboats and seagulls come out it’s almost like magic.


2. Community

Everyone is a die hard Giants fan and it’s fun to be surrounded by the excitement and love for the team and players.


3. Garlic Fries

The famous Gilroy Garlic fries are to DIE FOR. I always, always order them and eat ’em all.


4. Fireworks night

These fireworks are cooler than the 4th of July fireworks…’nuff said.


5. Music

“When the lights go down in the city…and the sun shines on the bay” and other classics that play at every game make everyone excited they’re in SF.


6. Food vendors

There are a bunch of different levels to AT&T. The first level is the best if you get a ticket, but my favorite is club level or around the bleachers. There are so many different food choices it’s unreal, but that’s to be expected in such a foodie city. I love the polish sausages, teriyaki bowls, crab and lobster rolls and, of course, anything with garlic…uhmmm…garlic fries.


7. Cheap tickets

Last year I went to 6 games for free. People with season tickets are always looking to give up tickets and you can always find them online for really cheap! Especially if you’re willing to sit in the bleachers, which are still great seats!


8. Pre-game bars outside the park

It’s so fun to pre-game day games or go out after a game at AT&T. There’s some great bars surrounding the park. My faves are Momo’s, Pete’s Tavern and 21st Amendment.