A Day at the Grand Canyon South RimA Day at the Grand Canyon South RimYavapai point viewsGrand Canyon fish eye
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A Day at the Grand Canyon South Rim

The Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list for a long time and I finally got the chance to visit with my friends for a weekend before heading to Vegas. We visited The Grand Canyon South Rim, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Zion National Park all in one weekend!! This was PRETTY freakin’ crazy, but soo worth it. Here’s how we did it all in 4 days..we are insane.

We only were at the Grand Canyon South Rim for one day, but we stayed at the Grand Canyon Inn which was a few minutes drive from the Grand Canyon Village. It wasn’t a very nice hotel, but it did the job and was close to where we needed to go. Across the street was a giant Flintstone statue so we liked that. šŸ™‚

We woke up early and got breakfast in the Grand Canyon Village and then headed to Yavapai point to get our first glimpse of the canyon. It was breathtaking and the lighting changed every few seconds from the clouds. I couldn’t believe I was actually there after wanting to go for so long!

Yavapai point was a great starting point and wasn’t very crowded around 9am when we started. We ended up walking around along the rim and then we decided to get in the car and take the Desert View Drive to see a few more points on the South Rim. After lunch and a Grand Canyon brewed beer at The Bright Angel Lodge we went the opposite way and walked around the canyon again.

I’ll be honest here….

Once you see one part of the canyon aka Grand Canyon South Rim you’ve sort of seen it all. It’s huge, so if you aren’t going to be hiking at all you can 100% see it in a day.

We didn’t have time to actually hike into the canyon which I would LOVE to do one day. Next time I hope I can either do a few small hikes in the canyon or do the overnight treks through it! For now though, one day was perfect and I was glad I got to see it before heading on my trip around the world!

Our entire trip and the highlights that include, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, are here.

Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour

Note: You can also take a helicopter from Vegas to the Grand Canyon here.


A Day at the Grand Canyon South Rim


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