Don’t you just love the days when you make a plan and your plan turns into something even better than you planned?

Me too.

Last weekend my girlfriends and I knew we had to make a trip OUT of SF. I’m saying OUT because our summer here is gloomy, foggy and cold, so we always make excuses to chase the sun. Bummer huh? Good thing we live in California and sun is easy to find! #humblebrag

After some back and forth we ended up making plans to go to Mom’s Beach to spend a day at the Russian River and catch some rays! It ended up being a great alternative to a lake/ocean and filled all of our water and tanning needs.

Unfortunately, once we arrived in Santa Rosa it was still really cold at 11am! So, we decided to take a detour to the Russian River Brewing Company. I hadn’t been before so I was pumped! Who doesn’t love beer in the AM?


The line was SO long cause we got there right at opening and I guess everyone likes a little brewskie in the morning, but surprisingly it only took us about 20 minutes to get seated. We ended up getting the large sampler of beer for four of us and ordered 2 of the bites and a pizza (that was way too much food btw). Everything was amazing though!! Bites were my fave – I  think I’m still in a food coma.

I especially loved the beers. My top fave beers were the Consecration, Pliney the Elder and Row 2.

If you like sour beer try the Consecration! It’s been aged in wine barrels so has a bit of a wine aftertaste. 
DSC_0458 DSC_0460

After we had a fulfilling lunch and beer sesh we headed to Mom’s Beach on the Russian River where we laid out and dipped in the water. It ended up getting around 80/85 degrees so the temp was just what we had in mind.

Just a quick note: this beach is made of small rocks, not sand, so if you go bring a towel, blanket or chair to sit on!

DSC_0463 DSC_0464

What are your favorite breweries and places to catch rays in summer?