For those of you that know me well, you know that I love trying new restaurants, cafes and bars in San Francisco.

Since I went to a lot of new places in San Francisco in August, I wanted to share with you what I thought of each!

Hopefully this will give you an insight into my experience in case you ever decide to go and try them yourself. Here’s to trying new places!

1.  20th Century CafeHello beautiful! So glad I finally made it here. #20thcenturycafe

I was on a cafe binge for a bit in August and made my friend come with me to 20th Century Cafe. Talk about THE CUTEST CAFE EVER! Everyone in the place was taking instagrams of their food and coffees because everything was a mini work of art. It takes a while to get the food after ordering at the counter, so be prepared to be there for a little while.

 2. St. Frank Coffee20996757471_71ed3199d8_o

This place is located in Russian Hill and has some of the best Yelp ratings for coffee shops in SF. I love the sleek, minimalistic decor and the sunny atmosphere. I had the almond latte and loved it! I’m not even a huge fan of coffee so that’s saying something. Definitely worth a stop in if you’re shopping on Polk!

3. Jane on Larkin

Have you ever been to Jane on Fillmore? It’s the same type of concept, but one is in a nice part of town and this one is in the TenderNob. I got the avocado toast and about died it was so good. Highly recommend this place!

4. Hot Spud20210810684_1d19ee873d_o

Since I’m from Idaho, I obviously love potatoes. I’ve been to HotSpud before (it’s somewhat a fast food place in Fisherman’s Wharf), but you can make your own potato and they have EVERY kind you could imagine! I DIE. Potato lover coming out in full force.

5. Mamacita

This is a great Mexican food spot on Chestnut St. in the Marina. I can’t believe I’ve lived here for 4 years and haven’t been before! I went with my roommates and we had amazing margs and tacos. 

6. Harris’s Restaurant

I went to Harris’s for my friend’s 30th birthday party. I’d never been here before, but it’s an SF institution and you used to have to wear dresses and sport coats to even walk in the door. I had a petit fillet, oysters and wine, wine, wine, and more wine. Definitely, a great place for you to go with your parents when they visit or a fancy date night!

7. Mr. Holmes BakehouseI finally made it to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in #SF this morning! @mrholmesbakehouse ran out of #cruffins at 8:30am so I missed it, but it was still worth going and seeing their sweet location, sign, boxes and other goodies! #bakedinsanfrancisco

In case you were wondering... this is the famous #Cruffin from @mrholmesbakehouse • Today's flavor was #smores! Thank you @carlyfitt!! @onlyinsf @eatdrinksfI’ve been wanting to go here for so long….mainly to take a photo on the wall with a cruffin. I went with my friend around 10am one day and they had run out of cruffins 3 hours before we got there!! We decided we didn’t need any other pastries, so we left. BUT, my friend is awesome and she went back the next morning at 9am to wait in line for cruffins and she got two of them! Each week they have a different flavor and we got S’mores flavor. I felt like death after eating one because of all the sugar, but eating it was worth it. :)

8. Juice Girl

Found my new fave juice spot in Marin! #juicegirl #almondmilk

This is an amazing place in Marin that my coworker just told me about! They have the best avocado toast, juices, smoothies and healthy breakfast bowls and salads. I love coming here before work to get an energy boost!

9. Hakkasan

Nothin' wrong with a little lunchtime #lavender cocktail #hakkasansf

You may have heard of this club in Vegas, but did you know it’s also a restaurant chain that started in London? I went here with my team after a big event we had in the city and LOVED it. It’s my second time there, but this time I enjoyed it even more because I got some good cocktails. 🙂 It’s located right off of Market downtown.

10. Presidio Social Club

I’d heard so much about this place that the other weekend my friends and I decided to head over. We sat outside and enjoyed the sorta nice weather. I’ll tell you that I wasn’t the biggest fan! I think i might have liked it more had I not ordered what I did, but I think I was expecting more from it. Maybe if I went for lunch or dinner I would be more impressed, but their brunch menu didn’t really impress me.

11. Mo’s

In San Francisco everyone is always in search of the best new brunch place. Mo's is a North Beach diner that often gets overlooked. It's just as good as the others, I promise! I'm obsessed with their brunch burger and breakfast burrito!! #YUM #gotoMos

This place is the best! It’s in North Beach and set up like a small diner. They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner food and you can sit by the bar or sit at small tables. You can order things like MASSIVE Aussie Burgers with egg, or a giant size-of-your-face burrito.

12. Katana Ya Ramen


This might be the best ramen place I’ve been to in the city. I got the spicy miso Katanaya Ramen and it was PERFECT. It even had potstickers inside the ramen!! AHHHH

13. Hong Kong Lounge

20318181033_7f4e552722_oThis was my first time getting dim sum at Hong Kong Lounge! I’d heard a lot of good things about it and it lived up to its expectations. The food was delish! I especially loved the pork buns and garlic coconut shrimp. I think the tea they served was made of crack because all of us at the table started getting dizzy (haha).