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Boise is rapidly growing and with that growth has come an ever-expanding local coffee shop scene. In fact, local coffee shops have gained more and more popularity in recent years and coffee connoisseurs are starting to see a rise in locally-owned, small-batch roasters, crate coffee shops, and coffee-centric cafes. 

If you are someone who loves coffee or just wants a great place to sit down and work, I’ve got you covered. Looking for a particular vibe? Boise’s got an array of them! So skip the Starbucks and head to a local roaster that will provide an overall greater experience! Here are a few of my favorites.

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Boise’s Best Coffee Shops

Slow by Slow Coffee Bar

This café has a relaxed industrial atmosphere with a staff who genuinely cares about the artisanal process of coffee roasting. Their knowledge and attention to detail will help you make fantastic suggestions when ordering. In fact, their motto on their wall is literally, “It’s the mindset that everything should be done with the time and care it deserves.

Located downtown in BoDo (Boise Downtown) on 8th Street, you’ll find a great laid-back hang-out. If you are having a business meeting or just want to get some work done this is the perfect place to snag a spot at one of the large tables while waiting for your artisanal coffee.

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a Café

This is my absolute favorite in the summer months due to its airy, light atmosphere and garage hangar doors that let in the sunshine. Every decor detail is so deliberate and they have great tables with chargers to plug in and get some work done.

Not only is their artisanal coffee wonderful, but their food is amazing! Their motto on their site is “gather, eat, connect, be” and it’s a great place to have a meeting, chat with friends or come solo and enjoy the good vibes! If you love the space you can even hire them for private events and hire their staff for catering.

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Push and Pour

With both outdoor and indoor seating, this coffee shop has the best of both worlds in the warmer months. Push & Pour is located in Garden City and is right near the Boise River greenbelt and the decor was inspired by the owner’s love of skateboarding. This shop is less about a two-minute walk to the river, so grab a cup to go and take a stroll along the water. They also have the best merchandise!

Push and Pour also recently opened a grab-and-go coffee spot in Boise at 501 S. Ash St. if you don’t feel like going to their Garden City location to get a cup of coffee.

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Form and Function

Without a doubt, Form & Function is one of the “trendiest” coffee spaces in Boise. This loft-style café has plenty of space and is located in The Fowler building in downtown Boise connected to The Wylder, which is one of my favorite restaurants downtown.

Not only are they in a great location downtown, but they have some of the best coffee in Boise. In fact, they are known for their own special coffee blends and many people buy local coffee directly from them. They also have great breakfast options and have a lot of tables to meet with a friend or get some work done.

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Caffeina Roasting Company

A little drive from downtown, Caffeina is the coziest space with the most seating out of all of the coffee shops listed, both indoor and outdoor. They also serve beer, food, and sometimes, live performances so is a great place to meet up with friends or put your head down to get work done.

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The District Coffee House

I have spent so much time here and it’s still one of my favorite local places to work. The cafe serves Form & Function coffee, which is a testimony to Boise’s supportive community environment. 

The space is very open with a few comfy seating options, great natural lighting, and reliable WiFi. I like the size of this place because you can almost always guarantee to get a spot if you want to work.

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Neckar Coffee Roasting Company

With sleek and modern interior design and one of the most beautiful coffee bars, Neckar takes the cake for the most streamlined and gorgeous. 

It’s also a great place to work and is a favorite local coffee shop owned by a cute couple who know how to do coffee the right way. 

They are known for their amazing artisanal coffees, pour-overs, lattes, cortados, and espresso drinks. You may also want to try one of their fresh-baked pastries or try their affogato!

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Java Downtown Boise

There are multiple Java coffee shops in Boise because Java is an Idaho classic. Most local Idahoans know Java pretty well. 

Upon walking in, you’ll be hit with the smell of roasting coffee and a warm atmosphere. I think Java is perfect for having a low-key breakfast with friends. Their large menu has great options from burritos and bagels to avocado toast. 

I recommend ordering the famous “Bowl of Soul” which is a cup of coffee mixed with their famous Mexican hot chocolate!

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This list is not exhaustive, but these are some of the best! Some other honorable mentions that also have great coffee and fun atmospheres are: 

Whichever coffee shop in Boise you choose from this list, you can’t go wrong! Next up, we’ll have to include an extensive list of the best coffee shops you can find not just in Boise, but in the whole Treasure Valley. Thanks so much for reading and happy coffee shop hopping.


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Boise's Best Coffee Shops
Boise's Best Coffee Shops
Boise's Best Coffee Shops

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