City Guide: What to Do in Paris
Jardin de Luxembourg | What to Do in Paris
Sacre Coeur | What to Do in Paris

 Quick City Guide: What to Do in Paris

Traveling to Paris anytime soon? Well, you’ve come to the right place cause I’ve finally completed my city guide on what to do in Paris!

I’m a strong believer that Paris gets better and better each time you visit. I’ve been 3x now and each time I get a different vibe and get to experience something new. From amazing food, incredible art and architecture to some of the most romantic locations in Europe, you’re bound to have a great time!

Oh and yes, Paris is known for being the City of Love, but you will have fun if you’re a solo traveler as well. I promise!

I’ll be honest, the first time I went to Paris many years ago, I didn’t have the same experience as I have the past two times I’ve been. Everything really depends on where you stay, what you do, and of course how much culture you soak in. So if you’re going to Paris for a quick layover or a day or two, you’re in the right place. Here’s a quick city guide on what to do in Paris!

inside Louvre | What to Do in Paris
Eiffel Tower | What to Do in Paris


Luxury Boutique Hotel

Hotel Chavanel – Down to splurge a bit more? Try staying at the beautiful luxury boutique Hotel Chavanel in the Madeleine district. This has got to be my favorite accommodation I’ve had in Paris so far and I felt like I was immediately transported into a Parisian environment in a great neighborhood. Check out my full review of the hotel here.

Airbnb or VRBO

When I came to Paris with my family, we stayed at an Airbnb in the Montmartre district. This is the artsy neighborhood of Paris where artists and musicians live and it’s a wonderful place to blend in like a local in an Airbnb. Check out a few here. I highly recommend this area! You can also use my code here for $40 off your Airbnb.


I love staying in hostels, especially in big cities. Unfortunately, I haven’t stayed in a hostel in Paris. However, The Hostel Girl always has good recs for hostels in Europe…so check it out if you’re on more of a budget.

where to stay in Paris
hotel chavanel | What to Do in Paris



Parisians typically have a light breakfast of coffee and a pastry or baguette with butter/jam fresh from the boulangerie. Don’t expect to find a traditional Parisian cafe with eggs and sausages for breakfast..although brunch spots are popping up all over the place. ?

Eric Kayser – There are a few of these scattered around the city. Try the “croissant aux amandes” or a “pain au chocolat et amends”.
Breizh Cafe – a lot of times this cafe has a line because it’s pretty trendy, but it’s worth the wait!
Café Charlot – located in Le Marais and has an amazing weekend brunch.
Stohrer  – go here for a to-die-for butter croissant.


Marché Bastille This is a food market and one of the best! Make sure to check the times and dates that it’s open, but there are so many great things to try!
Frenchie To Go – Go here to grab a quick sandwich during a day of sightseeing. The Reuben sandwich is incredible!


Chez L’ami Jean – This is a more expensive spot, but they’ve got huge plates of food with creative twists on the traditional French dish.
Les Fines Gueules – Delicious dinner spot close to the Louvre.

Montmarte Paris
Fondue in Paris

See & Do

You could spend weeks in Paris and not see it all. Here are a few things to check off your list for your first visit!


Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour

I have an obsession over joining the Free Walking Tours of a city when I first arrive. They help me get my bearings and usually the guide has great food recommendations afterward. Sandeman’s is my favorite company to do tours in major European cities.


Eiffel Tower

Obviously a must! I went up to the top my first trip to Paris and I felt like it was very much worth it. If you’re not into that stuff, make sure to at least see it light up at night because that’s something special!


Jardin de Luxembourg

These are my favorite gardens in Paris. I come to them every chance I get! Grab a picnic of bread, cheese, meat and wine and come eat it here.



You have to at least just see this street while in Paris to witness the most popular shopping street in the world! Stop inside the Louis Vuitton if you have time to see their flagship store.
jardin Paris | What to Do in Paris

The Louvre

The Louvre beats out every museum I’ve ever been to. It’s massive, but beautiful, and of course has the Mona Lisa among other famous artworks inside. I was even more impressed with the design of the actual museum than the artwork inside. It definitely reminded me of the book DaVinci Code if you’ve ever read it! Make sure you save a few hours for the Louvre!

Arch De Triomphe

A must see, even if from far away!

Palais Royal

The Palais Royal has gorgeous gardens and the Instagram photo opps are endless!

Musee d’ Orsay

This is a beautiful impressionist art museum in an old railway station. Think Monet, Manet, and Van Gough!

Night cruise down the Seine River

Normally I don’t like to recommend super touristy things, but the night dinner cruise I did down the Sienne was pretty magical. It’s especially great to watch the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night! I did my cruise a few years ago and don’t remember the company name, but this one has been recommended to me for day tours or champagne tours.

Montmartre District

I mentioned this area of the city to stay in previously, but if you don’t stay here, at least go experience it and check out Sacre Coeur church. This is a great part of the city to watch the sunset as well. I recommend hitting up the outside of Moulin Rouge while you’re in the area as well.
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Montmarte | What to Do in Paris
Eiffel tower



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