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The other weekend I was driving to pick up my friend to go stand up paddle boarding and stumbled upon the San Francisco NihonMachi Japantown festival. This happens a lot in SF…you run into crazy festivals and activities all over the city that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. That’s why I love it here!

After seeing all of the food trucks and crowds, we decided to check it out. I was salivating. Literally everything looked amazing.

There were food stands and food trucks with any kind of asian cuisine you could think of. 

Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese…..

I opted for Bombzies BBQ and got a Vietnamese style bowl. It was incredible!! AHHH! I also wanted to try the Japanese pancakes, but was too full (next time)!

Even though we didn’t stay at this festival long (there wasn’t a whole bunch to do besides EAT),  I still had a great time checking out the scene.

San Francisco has so many festivals in the summer and if you have free time they’re always fun to check out. Mainly for the food. 🙂

I like to refer to this calendar for all of the upcoming events.

Never a dull moment in the city by the bay!