A HUGE milestone happened today when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. We are celebrating hard over here in SF! Pride this weekend in SF is going to be CRAYYY!


You haven’t been to pride unless you’ve been to SF pride! I recommend strapping on an open mind and trying it at least once.

The parade was my favorite part! The colors are amazing and the people in the parade are even better. Most of the parade starts down on Market St. and ends at Civic Center.

IMG_2869 (1)

There are festivities all over City Hall as well. You can grab food at many different food stands, purchase merch, take photos with naked people (HA), drink beer and listen to music on different stages. It goes on the entire day!

I’ll be honest though, pride can get a little NUTTY! If you’re like me and don’t enjoy major crowds I would get there for the parade, walk around for a bit and then leave. I went with my mom and sister and we were enjoying ourselves, but stayed a little too long and we were ready to get OUT of there.

If you get a chance to go this year it’s going to be insane! What an amazing time to celebrate!