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Many of us Idahoans go to the grocery store to buy products and produce without knowing where our items come from. 

But what if you could know exactly where your produce and products are coming from? 

And what if you could ensure you’re supporting local farmers and growers while you’re shopping and eating?

Idaho Preferred has all of us Idahoans covered! They share all of the different ways we can buy locally and support local farmers and producers. Today I’m excited to share how you can “Make the Switch” from buying out-of-state produce to in-state products and produce that is locally grown and made in Idaho.

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Boise Co-op | Local Idaho Produce and Products with Idaho Preferred
Local Idaho Produce and Products with Idaho Preferred

Make the Switch to Local Idaho Produce and Products with Idaho Preferred

What is Idaho Preferred?

Idaho Preferred is a program that was created by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture to promote local Idaho farms, restaurants, retailers, and more. 

Their slogan is “Live. Eat. Local,” and their purpose is to connect you with food and agriculture products grown, raised, or crafted in the Gem state. Not only does supporting local companies, products, and growers help create a healthy and bountiful local economy, but it also benefits local businesses. 

Local Idaho Produce and Products with Idaho Preferred

Shop Local

When you shop at your typical grocery stores, it might be easy to always reach for what you are familiar with, and that may not always be locally made. Luckily, Idaho Preferred has made it really easy to identify when products are made locally at your nearby grocery store! 

Most stores will have signs near their local products that look similar to these below. You’ll want to look out for the “Idaho Preferred” logo or a sign that says something along the lines of “Locally Sourced” or “It’s Local.” This is an easy way to guarantee what you are buying is made nearby.

Local Idaho produce
sourdough ready mix Idaho

Check out my recent Reel on how I identified local Idaho produce and products at the Boise Co-Op!

Another great way to check out if what you’re buying is locally made is to go to the Idaho Preferred’s Find Local Directory. Here, you’ll also be able to easily locate: 

  • Producers (Farmers, Ranchers, and Crafters)
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • U-Pick, Roadside Stands, and Agritourism
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Supporting Organizations
  • Online Products
  • Catering

Wanting to find a specific product or ingredient for an upcoming recipe or looking to eat seasonally? You can whittle down your search by selecting the desired products in the category search or check out the What’s In Season Calendar to locate farms near you by clicking on the product desired, such as apples, peaches, potatoes, herbs, etc. It’s a fun way to get to know your local farmers.

Looking for the retailers that carry local Idaho Preferred produce and products in your area and want to know what those products are? Type in your zip code here, check the retailer box, and explore each retailer page to get familiar with their local products and get shopping!

How to Make the Switch to Local Producers and Products?

Now, let’s get into some specific products you may buy regularly and how you can make the switch from these products to local produce or products!

Here are 6 different products examples where you can “Make the Switch” to locally Idaho-sourced and made items!

1 – Potato chips

Do you usually purchase potato chips like Lays, Ruffles, or Pringles? Why not try Roots Potato Chips?

Root Potato Chips are locally made in Aberdeen, Idaho. They farm conventionally and are certified, organic farmers. Every day they focus on practices that are beneficial to soil health and continuously strive to improve their regenerative and sustainable practices. They also have six different flavors of gourmet kettle potato chips that they make with Idaho Potatoes grown right on their farm! 

Idaho Roots Chips
Lays potato chips

2 – Chocolate

Do you usually purchase chocolate like Dove, Hershey, or Cadbury? Why not try Happy Day Brands chocolate? 

Happy Day Brands uses the highest quality sourced ingredients that are grown locally and from around the world. By supporting them, you’re not only supporting a company that gives back, but you’re also supporting the local economy! They also make more than just chocolate, so look out for their rolled oats, steel-cut oats, or organic rolled oats!

Idaho Chocolate
popular chocolate brands

3 – Ground beef

Do you normally purchase ground beef from Certified Angus Beef or another national brand? Why not try A+ Ranch Organics!

A+ Ranch Organics is based out of Richfield, Idaho, and is a second-generation family farm. They consider their products to be “beyond organic,” and they take extra steps to nurture the soil where they grow and feed their animals. A+ Ranch Organics provides organic turkey, chicken, beef, and organic crops like corn, hay, and grains!

ground beef | Local Idaho Produce
A+ Ranch ground beef

4 – Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers

Do you normally purchase tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers from random producers you’ve never heard of? Why not try H&H Farms produce?

H&H Farms are located outside Eagle, Idaho, and the owners specialize in greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. You can find them in different state fruit stands, Wal-Marts, Whole Foods, and farmer’s markets!

tomatoes Local Idaho Produce
boxes with tomatoes

5 – Ice cream

Do you usually purchase Haagen-Daz, Ben & Jerry, or Tillamook ice cream? Why not try Cloverleaf Creamery ice cream!

Cloverleaf Creamery is located in Buhl, Idaho, and is known for its milk, cream, half & half, butter, cheese, and ice cream! They use an old-fashioned technique to bottle their milk and recyclable glass bottles to keep their milk colder and fresher longer. You can also visit the dairy and try their all-natural homemade ice cream if you’re in the area! 

Haagen-Daz ice cream
Cloverleaf Creamery | Local Idaho Produce and Products

6 – Honey

Do you usually purchase generic brands of honey?  Why not try Rocky Mountain Honey Co.?

Rocky Mountain Honey Co. is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and was established in 1992. Their honey is natural, raw, and unfiltered. They pride themselves in high-quality, USA Grade A products for retail sales and have some of the best honey in the intermountain West!

honey generic
Honey Local Idaho Produce and Products

For more excellent potato chips, chocolate, produce, ice cream, and honey, use the search bar in the upper left-hand corner of their website to quickly locate more Idaho-produced options.

Wrapping Up

As a reminder, there are many different producers and local growers here in Idaho, so be sure to look out for the local Idaho Preferred stickers and signs at the different retailers, or go to Idaho Preferred website to search for your different options!

Not only does shopping locally help you know where your products come from, but they also help support the local economy. 

Idaho Preferred says, “By spending your hard-earned dollars on Idaho-produced agricultural food and nursery products, you’re voting “yes” to a healthy and bountiful economy.” 

Be sure to follow Idaho Preferred on Instagram and check out their website to find local producers, recipes, and what time of year certain produce is in season!

Boise co-op

A huge thank you to Idaho Preferred for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I will never promote something I don’t personally use and believe in, regardless of who foots the bill.


How to shop local in Idaho
Make the Switch to Local Produce

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