IMG_0095 2(Holy Cow! It’s Kelly and Zack!)

Each year my good friends, Lauren and Ward, throw a party at Ward’s family ranch close to Cache Creek Casino in Northern California. We always have a great weekend full of camping, BBQ, lawn games, beautiful sunsets, dance parties and sometimes some swimming and fishing! This year they held it over Halloween and the weather was in the upper 80’s so we had a great time partying outside.

I also compiled together my first GoPro video from the ranch weekend!

Disclaimer: *This video is PG-13* duh…

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I purchased a GoPro Hero 4 a couple months ago so I would have it for my Machu Picchu trek, but I decided to test out the video quality and try GoPro Studio to make my first GoPro video and see how it would turn out. I’m pretty proud of myself!

Can’t wait for ranch party 2016!!