I’m seriously obsessed with finding cool stuff on Amazon and have developed somewhat of a problem – haha. I find myself scouring the web for people’s favorite Amazon purchases all the time and then buying almost everything because the process is just way too fast and easy! So, I thought I’d post some of my favorite Amazon purchases that have come to mind recently. These are all things I love, have tested out, and currently own!

My 10 Favorite Amazon picks

My 10 Favorite Amazon Purchases



Bed Sheets  – I’m obsessed with these sheets and they are so cheap for what they actually are! I love them and they’re super soft. They come in a bunch of different colors, but I have the white.

bed sheets
magnetic dry-erase calendar



Magnetic Dry-Erase Calendar – I love this thing on my fridge! It’s so nice to have my plan hanging there to look at quickly each day…plus it’s cute.



Tongue Scraper – K this is sooo random, but I’m obsessed with these things. Anytime I’m feeling like I can’t get my mouth completely clean, these things are my go-to and they work wonders!

tongue scraper
Turtl pillow



Turtl Travel Pillow – Best travel pillow I’ve ever used! I can actually sleep on a plane now and wish this was invented before my trip around the world!!



Diffuser/HumidifierIdaho is super dry all the time and I searched forever for a diffuser and ended up really liking this one. Sometimes I wish I got the smaller size, but this one is perfect for my nightstand and I use it every night with a different essential oil!

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker



Dash Rapid Egg Cooker – I use this cooker at least once a week!  I’m obsessed with hard boiled eggs, and love making them in this thing. It also makes poached eggs and omelettes and you can make soft boiled eggs as well. So easy!



Sonicare toothbrush – Okay, so I’m very behind the times in getting an electric toothbrush and have been just using a regular brush for forever, but this has seriously changed my life! I like this one a lot and it comes with a little travel pouch so you can take it with you.

Sonicare Toothbrush
ExOfficio underwear



ExOfficio travel underwear – This brand is sooo amazing and I still wear this underwear even when I’m not traveling because of the comfort. They are quick-dry and perfect if you’re needing something to dry super fast after washing! I wore them all the time with on my 14-month trip. I also usually wear these when working out because they are athletic and breathable.



Osprey Sojourn luggage – 60L – I’ve talked about this bag before, but it seriously saved my life traveling for 14-months. It was my main bag that could be wheeled and also converted into a backpack. To be honest, I didn’t have to put it on my back a whole lot, but it was nice to have the option of both. Osprey even gave me a new one when I got back home cause it was so beat up even though I bought it from Amazon.

Osprey Sojourn bag
My Pillow



My Pillow – Have you guys seen the infomercial about the My Pillow? I’m usually not an infomercial kind of gal, but I fell for it and I weirdly love this pillow so freakin’ much! I’ve noticed that of all the pillows I have on my bed, this is always the one I choose to sleep on.

I have a bunch more Amazon faves and was thinking about doing a beauty/bath/body one next, but thought I would limit it this time to 10 of my favorite random Amazon purchases!

Now, do you guys have any you could share with me? I’m always looking out for the latest and greatest stuff. 🙂

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