I can’t believe it, but tonight I’ll be heading to Peru with my friend, my dad, and brother for 17 days! To say I’m excited is an understatement! I’ve been planning for this trip since March and am finally ready for it to actually happen.

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There’s been a lot of planning that had to go into this one since we’re hiking the Inca Trail. Lot’s of gear purchases and deciding which trekking company to go through – we ended up going with Peru Treks in the end.

I’ll most likely do a packing post when I get back, but here’s our Peru itinerary for the 17 day vacation! I’d love any advice any of you might have!



17 Day Peru Itinerary:

Day 1  – Depart SFO

Day 1 – Arrive San Salvador, El Salvador

Day 1 – Leave San Salvador airport during layover and head to El Tunco, El Salvador

Day 1 – Leave from San Salvador airport to Lima

Day 1  – 8:00pm arrive Lima

Day 2 – Tour Lima

Day 3 – Fly to Cusco in the morning – tour Cusco

Day 4 – Tour around Cusco (must stay in Cusco 2 days before trek to get acclimated to the altitude)

Day 5 – Tour around Cusco

Day 6 – Check out of Cusco hostel and start 1st day of Inca flight

Day 6 – 1st day on Inca Trail 

Day 7 – 2nd day of Inca Trail

Day 8 – 3rd day of Inca Trail

Day 9 – 4th day of Inca Trail – arrive to Machu Picchu!!

Day 10 – Bus to Sacred Valley

Day 11 – Travel to Puno village

Day 12 – Travel to Lake Titicaca – Uros and Taquile Islands

Day 13 – Tour Arequipa/Colca Canyon – small towns like Yanque

Day 14 – Arequipa/Colca Canyon – small towns

Day 15 – Arequipa/Colca Canyon – small towns

Day 16 – Fly from Arequipa to Lima in the morning

Day 17 -Flight from Lima to SFO



I’m really not 100% sure what to expect, but I’m sooo looking forward to the adventure!

Here are some of the packing lists I’m using to plan for the whole 17-day trip: