My Top 5 Favorite London MarketsAfter studying abroad in London in 2009 and then visiting twice again in 2016, I couldn’t believe how much had changed in the city! Visiting the different neighborhoods was so fun for me and most of it has changed for the better! One thing that has stayed the same in London is the quality of their markets. While I was here, I decided to hit up most of the markets in London. Here are my top 5 favorite London markets. You cannot go wrong with venturing to any of these!

My Top 5 Favorite London Markets

(1) Brick Lane

Located in the artsy and hipster area of Shoreditch, this market is full of artistan goods, awesome food and has such a fantastic vibe. Be sure to walk around Shoreditch while you’re at it and enjoy the great cafes and graffiti art on every corner.

Brick Lane graffiti Brick Lane graffiti walls

(2) Portobello Market

This market is located beside/in Notting Hill and is extremely lively on Saturdays. Go here to buy old antiques, hippy clothing, colorful handmade crafts, old vinyls and lots of silver.

Portobello Market

(3) Borough Market

This market is a foodie’s dream. Go here to taste a bunch of different cheeses, oils, meats and so on. Or go to the many food stalls to try cuisines from all over the world.My Top 5 Favorite London Markets - Borough Market

(4) Camden Lock Market and Horse Stalls

This was a market I frequented while studying abroad in London. The jewelry, clothing, art, food, horse stalls, and overall vibe of this place is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s incredible and I strongly recommend going here on a Sunday.

My Top 5 Favorite London Markets - Camden Lock MarketMy Top 5 Favorite London MarketsCamden Lock Market and Horse Stalls
(5) Spitafields Market

This market is full of workers coming in for lunch to the great food stall options. It’s handmade crafts line the isles along with a fair amount of unique antiques and clothing items.

My Top 5 Favorite London Markets - Spitafields Market(source)

(BONUS) Christmas Markets

I was in London during Christmas time and got to visit some of the Christmas markets in the city. London is one of the most decorated cities I’ve ever been to during the Christmas season and if you get a chance to go during Christmas time you definitely should. It’s a magical experience and they have tons of markets littering the city.Christmas Markets in LondonMy Top 5 Favorite London Markets
My Top 5 Favorite London Markets


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