IMG_4125Do you have that one place that you always wish you could be transported to?

Maybe when you’re feeling bummed out or need a breather?

For some people it’s the beach or maybe a favorite city, but for me, it’s one of the most underrated mountain towns in the state of Idaho.


Even hearing the name makes me crave a visit. Maybe it’s because I grew up going there to my grandparents lake house, or maybe it’s because of the memories I have, but whatever it is there’s something about this town that gets me EVERY time.

Lucky for me, I’m heading there this weekend AND I get to show my SF girlfriends the best place to go in Idaho.

Nothing better than two lake adventures in a row!

Update: Check out our Girls Weekend in McCall Idaho post.

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It seriously is my favorite place to go in Idaho! Luckily I just had a trip there for the 4th of July. Each trip is better than the next and I highly recommend a visit!


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