A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to plan my friends Napa Valley Bachelorette Party! I was nervous because I’ve never planned a bachelorette party before, much less a trip to Napa! Naturally I looked all over the internet, but couldn’t find answers to any of my questions. Hopefully this will help anyone trying to plan a bachelorette party in Napa!

Here are the main steps to think about…and I love my lists so bear with me.

1. Give a deadline and a cost estimate.

Make sure you get a commit from all of the people coming to the bachelorette party about a month before you start booking your activities. It’s so much easier to plan when you know how many people will be there. I would also recommend giving them a rough cost estimate so they know what they are in for. I asked about a  month in advance and gave them about aweek to get back to me. We ended up having 8 people total.

kels and i{the bride and I}

2. Figure out how to get there.

This might have been my biggest pain in the ass because I didn’t know where to start looking?? We ended up taking a limo because there were exactly 8 of us, but if you have more than that I would recommend going with a small bus. Our limo was decent…not the fanciest thing you’ve ever seen, but the driver was great. I would order the 8 hour tour if you’re just doing a day trip from the city. We ordered 6 hours and ended up going over by 2 hours! We ended up using  SF Wine Tours and it ended up being around $70 per person.

3. Strategically Pick Your Wineries.

Timing is the main thing here. If you’re leaving from the city make sure you provide about an hour or a little more to get to your first winery. Google maps is your friend! Remember to call all of these wineries ahead of time to tell them you’re coming so they can plan something special for you! We got placed out on the deck in all of them and it was great! I love doing a mix of large wineries, wineries with a tour, with a view and small family owned. It’s fun to see the different types.

Although I mainly just did Sonoma Wineries, here was our schedule that can be mixed and matched with wineries from all over the valley.

*I would plan to spend about an hour to 1 1/2 at each winery.

9:30am: Limo picks us up at the Hotel Nikko SF

10:30am: Arrive at Jacuzzi winery

11:30ish: Head to Angelo’s Deli (AMAZING) to pick up pre-ordered sandwiches. I called ahead to pick-up

12:00pm: Arrive at Imagery to eat sandwiches outside and taste

1:30/2 Mayo family winery

Larson Family  if time permits (we didn’t make it here)

Drive to Golden Gate lookout on the way back to the city

Limo drops us in the city

4. Make Sure You Bring Schtuff.

You really don’t need to bring much! I gave all of the girls mini champagne bottles that my roommate calligraphied as a little party favor. We had the bride wear a tiara and sash and then I brought about 3 bottles of champagne and a thing of OJ. The limo also provided a bottle of champagne, flutes, OJ and tons of waters. I didn’t bring snacks because we ate breakfast before we left and had lunch while we were there. Just bring your camera and be prepped for some fun!!