Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Honeymoon Island
Homosassa Wildlife Park

Planning a trip to Florida and considering a road trip down Florida’s West Coast? You’re in luck! In this “Road Trip Down Florida West Coast” guide, I’ve gathered plenty of the information that you’ll need to make this trip to the Sunshine State happen. Florida can sometimes get a bad rep, but there are plenty of unique and exciting things to do here—especially down Florida’s gulf coast. 

The entire Florida West coast, also known as the Gulf Coast, is technically a 660 mile stretch of road that starts in Pensacola and goes all the way down to Everglades City and even Key West. Along the drive, you’ll see world-class beaches, beach towns, fun downtowns, wildlife refuges, mangroves and much more. If you wanted to do the entire gulf coast road trip to Key West, it would take you about 12 hours. If you went straight to Everglades City, it would take you about 9 hours. 

While the entire road trip down the coast covers some incredible places, in this blog, I’m going to take you from a flight into the Orlando area to a drive down to Fort Myers. This total drive is about 5 hours if you were to drive straight, but I recommend taking at least 7-10 days, if not more, to make the entire trip and allow plenty of time in each location.

Voray Renaissance St. Pete
St. Petersburg

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast

The Best Time to Visit West Florida

The best times to visit Florida, according to many experts, is March through May and September through November. This will ensure you avoid crowds, but also avoid extreme heat and bugs. I personally went at the end of February because I wanted to see the manatees. They typically come out in the winter/spring and the weather in February was excellent!  Especially since it’s freezing in February where I’m from in Idaho. If you do travel to Florida in the winter, here’s my guide on what to pack

Start Your Trip in the Orlando Area

Bear with me when I tell you to start your trip in Orlando and rent a car here. I realize there are plenty of places you can fly into like Tampa or St. Pete that will take you down the West Coast of Florida and be a great place to start your Florida gulf coast road trip. However, I found this to be a great entry point to start my trip because it was a straight shot, with no backtracks, to the Cyrstal River area. 

What to do in Orlando

Get a Disney World Theme Park ticket or visit the Universal Studios CityWalk

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Orlando. However, if you want to spend some time here and you haven’t experienced Disney World, I highly recommend it. Grab yourself a Disney World Theme Park ticket for the day and spend some time exploring the 4 different parks. One of the most fun activities is drinking around the world at Epcot! Another great option is walking around the Universal CityWalk. It’s very entertaining and I loved the food at Antojitos Authentic Mexican. Lastly, if you love Harry Potter, like me, check out Harry Potter World. It’s pretty amazing—although the rest of Universal Studios could be skipped in my opinion.

Visit Winter Garden

Winter Garden is a cute, tiny town right on the outskirts of Orlando (about a 20 minutes drive). I recommend taking your bike or renting bikes and heading on the famous West Orange Trail that goes right through Winter Garden. If you want to make an afternoon out of it, be sure to check out the cute Main Street and eat on the rooftop at The Whole Enchilada.

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - West Orange Trail, Winter Garden
West Orange Trail
The Whole Enchilada
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Winter Garden

Crystal River and Homosassa

If you’re driving from Orlando to Crystal River, it will be about a 1.5-hour drive. Again, you can also fly into St. Pete, but then you’ll just need to backtrack a bit. If you can, try not to skip this area! Crystal River and Homosassa were highlights for me, mainly because I came to Florida to see manatees!

What to do in Crystal River and Homosassa

Stop to Dive or Snorkel Devil’s Den or Blue Grotto

Head up here to dive in fresh water at Devil’s Den or the Blue Grotto! Devil’s Den was my first time diving in fresh water and it was so cool. If you don’t dive, you can snorkel here as well. Just keep in mind it is self-led diving and snorkeling like many places are in Florida. This means there won’t be a divemaster there to help guide your dive and you’ll be setting up your gear and everything on your own. I went with some friends which made me feel a lot more comfortable. Just know this is freshwater diving and it is pretty dark down there, so plan your weights and gear accordingly and bring a flashlight. I also recommend getting there early to get your dive in. If you want to do two dives in one day, check out Blue Grotto about a 10-minute drive away.

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Devil's Den
Rent a Pontoon and Bar Hop

One of my favorite things we did in Homosassa, besides swimming with manatees, was bar-hop on a pontoon! We were lucky because the friends I was with knew someone with a boat who took us around. You can also rent one! Just watch out for manatees while you’re out on the water. I recommend driving around and checking out the homes along the water, the monkey island, and stopping by the Manatee Pub and Crump’s Landing for a drink and the full Homosassa experience.

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Pontoon
Swim with Manatees

This was the highlight of my entire trip. I recommend going on the early tour on Crystal River with Bird’s Underwater. They were a wonderful tour and very ethical (unlike some other tours). Learn about my entire experience with Bird’s Underwater here. If time permits, you can also go to the Rainbow River or Weeki Wachee to do some more swimming with these gentle giants. This entire area of southwest Florida loves manatees and there are manatee mailboxes, sculptures, and manatee murals all over the place. If you’re a manatee fan, this is a must for you!

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Swim with Manatees
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Swim with Manatees
Birds Underwater Manatee Tour
Visit Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

After swimming with manatees, we made a pit stop at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park to check out the manatee sanctuary. This is where all of the manatees that get hurt from boats, nets, and other things, go for rehab. We also got to see some more of the local wildlife. You can easily just walk in if you’re planning a visit. They are open from 9 am – 5:30 pm every day, but note that the ticket counter closes at 4:45 pm. The cost for one adult is $13.

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Homosassa Wildlife Park
What to do in Crystal River and Homosassa

Where to Eat and Drink in Crystal River and Homosassa

The Ivy House

This is a super cute restaurant built into a house in Williston Florida, near Devil’s Den if you need somewhere yummy to stop after diving.

Manatee Pub and Crump’s Landing

I recommend going to the Manatee Pub and Crump’s Landing for the full Homosassa experience. Manatee Pub is a rustic dive bar right on the water and Crump’s is a large tiki bar-style restaurant. They also have live music on the weekends.

Manatee Pub
Seafood Seller and Cafe

There’s nothing better than cajun after a long day of exploring and wildlife. Seafood Sellers and Cafe offers a diner-style environment to chow down. I recommend their crawfish po’boy.

The Biscuit Barn

Stop in for breakfast at one of the best breakfast/lunch joints in Crystal River. You should definitely try “The Grandpa” biscuits breakfast sandwich. All southern breakfast lovers also love to dig into their famous crab cakes and eggs with a side of steaming biscuits.

Twistee Treat!

What better way to escape Florida’s heat than a tasty treat. Twistee Treat has several stores along the gulf coast and in central Florida with over 27 ice cream flavors to choose from and enjoy.

Twistee Treat

Where to Stay in Crystal River/Homosassa

Plantation on Crystal River

This is a 50-year-old eco-friendly resort with comfortable accommodations and lots of activities offered such as golf, boating, and fishing. It’s also surrounded by the Kings Bay natural springs. See current prices here.

Retreat at Crystal Manatee

Only a ten-minute walk from the world-famous manatee sighting spot, Three Sisters Springs, this small, family-owned hotel is a fairly priced option. See current prices here.

Holiday Inn Express

We stayed at the Holiday Inn because we were barely at the hotel, so if you’re looking for a cheaper option, this was a good one in a good location. See current prices here. 

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs

About an hour from Crystal River you’ll stumble upon the quirky town of Tarpon Springs. It’s a great little spot along the water known for its sponges and Greek population. Take a walk downtown, check out the famous sponge docks, go on a sunset cruise, or take a boat tour to watch the sponge divers. I also recommend getting some Greek food while you’re here since they have the largest Greek population in the USA. Try Hella’s Restaurant and Bakery for a great Greek meal.

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Tarpon Springs
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Tarpon Springs
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Tarpon Springs
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Tarpon Springs

Dunedin Area

I was blown away by how amazing the Dunedin area was during my visit. Not only is the town of Dunedin charming, walkable, and extremely bike-friendly, but the surrounding areas have some of the best beaches in the world. They might just blow your mind.


What to do in the Dunedin Area

What to do in the Dunedin Area
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Honeymoon Island
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Honeymoon Island
Honeymoon Island

Talk about a beautiful island! Honeymoon Island is a quiet place to get some beach time in. There’s plenty of varieties of wildlife, lots of birds, some nature trails and beautiful white-sand beaches. The sunset here is also spectacular! The Honeymoon Island State Park is open from 8 am to sundown daily and costs $8 to enter.

Caladesi Island
Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island was awarded one of the top 10 beaches in America, for good reason! The white sand beaches here just can’t be beat and it isn’t overbuilt or overcrowded like many beaches in the USA. Caladesi Island is only accessible by boat or ferry (or a long walk from Clearwater Beach). I recommend renting a kayak from Sail Honeymoon for the day. If it’s not too windy, you can pick one up and paddle over to Caladesi Island. You can always take the 10-minute ferry from Honeymoon State Park over to Caladesi if paddling isn’t in the cards. There is also a three-mile kayak trail through some mangroves and a three-mile nature trail through the island.

Dunedin Causeway
Take a Stroll Around Main Street Dunedin

I loved just strolling down the charming downtown of Dunedin! It’s especially great after a long day at the beach. There are a bunch of cute shops, restaurants, and activities to experience. This tiny town is actually a sister city to Stirling, Scotland so you might notice a bit of Scottish influence here and since there aren’t chains in this part of town, most of the places you’ll see are locally owned. 

Dunedin Downtown
Walk, Jog or Bike the Pinellas Trail

This trail was awesome! We brought our bikes and I thought it was a great way to get some exercise. The trail is 39 miles and all paved. It actually used to be a railway! If you want to go to Honeymoon Island from downtown Dunedin you can take the paved trail all the way to Dunedin Causeway (6 miles). You can also rent bikes in town and if you’re feeling up for it, you can ride all the way to Tarpon Springs or even Clearwater Beach. It’s a great trail and very much worth checking out.

Go Brewery Hopping

One thing I noticed in the tiny town of Dunedin was the brewery scene! In fact, Dunedin Brewery is the oldest brewery in Florida. Try hopping around for an afternoon at some of the top-rated breweries like Dunedin Brewery, Woodwright Brewing Company, Cueni Brewing, and 7venth Sun Brewery. Many of them also offer tours if that’s your thing.

Dunedin Brewery

Where to Eat in the Dunedin Area

The Dunedin Smokehouse

Love BBQ? This might just be your spot. They are located in the heart of downtown Dunedin and they pride themselves in using fresh ingredients and creating dishes from scratch.

Bon Appetit 

This is known for its waterfront views and fancier seafood dishes in Dunedin. The views here are amazing and you’ll get to see Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island in the distance.


Known for its sushi, Pisces is super popular among locals and tourists. The restaurant is a modern, casual fine dining spot and has all sorts of dishes—not just sushi. It’s yummy and definitely worth a visit.

Where to Stay in the Dunedin Area

The Fenway Hotel

This hotel is in the perfect location! It’s easy to walk downtown and is right across the street from the Clearwater Harbor. The coolest part is that they have bikes for guests to use whenever they want. See current prices here. 

St. Petersburg

I recommend spending at least 2 days in St Petersburg to check it out. It’s such an unassuming, artsy, and chill city and I just fell in love once I got here! Check out my full guide to St. Petersburg, FL here.

St. Pete Beach

What to Do in St. Petersburg

Central Arts District

I honestly could have spent the majority of my time in the Central Arts District! It’s such a cute neighborhood that has the best shops and restaurants. I loved going to see all of the street art and people watching. I highly recommend walking down Central Avenue North for all of the shops and restaurants and then going into the back alleys to see all of the murals and art! They also do tours of these murals if that’s your thing.

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Central Arts District - St. Pete
Fort De Soto Park

This park is comprised of 5 islands off the coast of St Petersburg and has beaches that span for 7 miles. You can get here by car to check out the beaches, trails, and historic Fort. This is perfect for people who want to get out of the city and have an outdoorsy day!

Go to St. Pete Beach

Talk about a beautiful sunset! Upon entering St. Pete we got to watch the sunset from this beach and it was epic. Also, on this side of town, one of the first things you’ll notice is the giant pink hotel, The Don CeSar, on the water. It was remarkable! This beach is beautiful and I highly recommend going if you have time to spend.

St. Pete Beach
St Pete Beach
Dali Museum

I’m not typically a huge museum-goer, but the Dali Museum was gorgeous and I couldn’t say no. In fact, St. Petersburg is full of amazing museums, so I knew I needed to go to at least one! Plus, this museum was short and sweet, but also full of Salvador Dali’s incredible works of art. I recommend going because it will only take you an hour or two to get through. Stop in the gardens outside to get some different views and photos of the museum. Book your tickets here.

Dali Museum
Dali Museum

Where to Stay in St. Pete


I stayed in the Old Northeast neighborhood and loved the old homes. This was my cute Airbnb within walking distance to North Shore Park and downtown St Pete. It’s tiny, but I thought it was perfect and even had a little kitchen. 

St. Pete Airbnb
The Avalon

My friend Alex highly recommends this design/boutique hotel. I passed it on the drive in and thought it looked like the perfect design hotel from the outside. See recent prices here.

Don Cesar or The Vinoy Renaissance

These might be the most famous hotels in St. Pete and are both splurge-worthy. Each of them are pink hotels, one on the St. Pete beachside, and one in St. Pete. Perfect for a relaxing weekend! Check out recent prices for Don Cesar. Check out recent prices for The Vinoy Renaissance.

Voray Renaissance St. Pete

Where to Eat and Drink in St. Petersburg

Pacific Counter

If you’re traveling alone and want to just grab something to eat quickly, this is perfect. Plus the fish was super fresh and yummy!

The Lure 

This was a super hip tapas restaurant that I loved. If you can get the pork belly with mac and cheese tapas, you might die and go to heaven. I also loved the fig flatbread.

Maple Biscuits

I walked inside of Maple Biscuits and knew I needed to come back here for breakfast biscuits. A few different people recommend this place to me as well!

Karma Juice Bar & Eatery

I went here about 4x while I was in St. Pete. It was a great spot to grab a juice, salad and sandwich. Plus, everything is healthy and it’s super popular with the locals.


Tampa and St. Pete are only about 15 minutes from one another. So if you have time, try checking out both! While I spent the majority of my time in St. Pete, Tampa has its own charm.

Florida Aquarium
Florida Aquarium
Florida Aquarium experience
Swim with Sharks in the Florida Aquarium

This is one of the better aquariums I’ve been to in my life. I also got to go diving with sharks in their coral reef aquarium and it was EPIC! I highly recommend doing this if you’re a diver (you can swim too) and want a unique diving experience. See recent prices here.

Tampa Riverwalk

I loved biking along the Tampa Riverwalk and stopping at the Armature Works for lunch! It’s about a 2.6 mile path along the Hillsborough River waterfront and goes near some of downtown’s major attractions. You’ll find it also has some pretty amazing views of the city.

Armature Works
Armature Works

This place was so cool, I couldn’t believe I just stumbled upon it. Basically, it’s a 73K square-foot building and mixed-use space. This means there are restaurants inside, communal seating, and bars. It’s a great place to hang out right on the Hillsborough River. Many times they’ll also have live music on the front lawn! 

Go on a Food Tour in Ybor City

Ybor City is by far the best place for Cuban food in Tampa.  I recommend going on a food tour of the area, especially if you’re a first-time visitor to learn a bit about the history of Ybor City and the food scene. This area also has some crazy-fun bars if you’re in the mood for going out in Tampa.

Where to Eat in Tampa


This is one of the most unique restaurants in Tampa. It’s right on the riverfront near AmatureWorks and is a brewery and restaurant with native-inspired foods. Most of them were prepared over a barbacoa grill. There’s also a great beer garden which is a  nice spot to watch the sunset!

Sparkman Wharf

If you want to eat somewhere with views of the water, but similar vibes to a food hall, go here. There are seven different food stands to choose from. Plus there are lawn games and great views of the water. It’s a great place to hang out with friends in the evening because there are so many options.


If you love Spanish food, you’ll love this spot. Columbia started in Ybor City in 1905 and now they have multiple locations in Florida. It’s a bit pricier, but worth it for the classic recipes. Keep in mind the portions here are pretty large, so it might be worth sharing!

Where to Stay in Tampa

Epicurean Hotel

This hotel has a very Instagram-worthy vibe! The lobby has a rotating art gallery and fun egg chairs. It’s also been recently renovated so everything is looking great. One of the coolest parts is they have a free shuttle that will take you anywhere within 3-miles of the hotel—including the Tampa Airport. See current prices here.

The Epicurean Hotel
Hotel Haya

Hotel Haya is a unique, boutique hotel in two historic buildings in Ybor City. The whole hotel has local Cuban art accenting the space. There’s also a cool bar and outdoor pool. If you want to get to downtown Tampa, just hop on a streetcar. See current prices here. 


Sarasota is a gem of a city on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s beautiful, super relaxed, and has much less traffic than you’ll find in Tampa and St. Pete. The beaches here are incredible and there are fun cultural activities and historical landmarks around the city. I definitely recommend a stop here on your trip!

What to Do in Sarasota

Ca’ d’Zan & The Ringling

I promise you will be blown away by the beauty of the grounds here. The Ca’ d’Zan is John and Mable Ringling’s mansion and museums. You’ll notice the Venetian-inspired architecture including a dock for a gondola! If you’re short on time, consider just exploring the grounds. If you have a bit more time check out the museums!

What to Do in Sarasota
Day Trip to Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a barrier island located off the coast of Tampa Bay and is one of the best day trips from Sarasota. Once you arrive you’ll be transported to another place where you’ll find white sand beaches, fun restaurants, and amazing crystal clear water. There really is a lot to do here, so make sure you have plenty of time to get all the relaxation in. You’ll also want to check out Bean Point for the sunset viewing spot. This point is special because it’s where Tampa Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico.

Myakka River State Park

Looking for a bit of wilderness? Check out Myakka River State Park! It’s about 20 minutes outside of Sarasota, but it’s a different world out there. You can see alligators from a safe place away and there are some cool trail hikes and bike rides near the river. 

Siesta Key Beach

The pure white sand here is incredible. It’s a magical place but can get busy and hard to find a parking spot. I recommend getting here a bit early to snag a spot. Enjoy the powdered sugar sand that doesn’t ever get hot under your feet and stare in awe at the perfectly turquoise water!

Siesta Key Beach
Stand Up Paddleboard or Kayak Through the Lido Mangrove Tunnels

I love SUPing and what better way to try it out than through mangroves! You can rent boards and kayaks or take a guided tour and paddle through these incredible mangrove tunnels. Look out for birds on the way. You might even see manatees or dolphins while you’re out!

Road Trip Down Florida West Coast - Swim with Manatees
Check Out the Painted Bicycles Around the City

One quirky thing about Sarasota is that there are painted and uniquely decorated bikes all over the place. Try and find all 36 of the bikes around the city and read the full history of the fun bikes here.

Where to Eat in Sarasota


If you want a nicer dinner during your trip to Sarasota, try Duval’s. They have indoor and outdoor dining and it’s fun to sit on the patio and watch the people go by. I recommend the seafood sampler!

Buddy Brew

Want coffee and some breakfast options? Stop at Buddy Brew. Their coffee is incredible and the decor inside is so cute!

Owen’s Fish Camp

I highly recommend coming here for more seafood! It’s got fun, funky decor and many times you’ll find live music here. It’s a staple in Sarasota and so good.

Where to Stay in Sarasota

Zota Beach Resort

Looking to stay near the beach? This is a perfect option for you. Sarasota is famous for its keys: Lido Key, Siesta Key, and Longboat Key. This hotel is beachfront and located right on Longboat Key. There’s an amazing pool, a private beach, and free parking. Perfect for a relaxing vacation. See current prices here

Zota Beach Resort
Sarasota Modern

Looking for more of a design hotel? This luxury boutique hotel might fit the bill. The interior is super modern and minimalistic without sacrificing the calm feeling you want when you enter a hotel. They have a great pool as well! See current prices here.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers is the perfect quirky small-town with a beachy, tropical vibe. There are tons of great activities to do near the water and so many wildlife spottings to be had! The water is turquoise, the sand is white, and it’s the perfect, eclectic seaside town. 

What to Do in Fort Myers

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Stop here if you’re interested in a bit of history. Thomas Edison used to own this property back in 1885 and would come stay here in the wintertime. You can tour the grounds and the houses and even learn about his inventions and the people behind them. It’s super fascinating and a stunning way to spend the morning.

Port Sanibel Edison Ford
JN Ding Darling Wildlife Drive

This is a must-see in Fort Myers if you’re a nature lover. JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge offers 6,400 acres of pure wilderness. You can drive in and see tons of different types of birds, water animals, and alligators. Many people say it’s best if you go in the morning or later at night to see the most wildlife, but definitely add it to your list. 

Walk or Hang Out at Fort Myers Beach

Sick of beaches yet? If you’re up for a trek, walk the 7-mile beach of Fort Myers Beach. It’s a beautiful white coastline and is a great place to get some exercise or just to relax and enjoy!

Explore Lovers Key State Park and Sanibel and Captiva Islands

If you go south of Fort Myers Beach you’ll find this little park filled with beautiful beaches and mangroves. You can go here for a nice nature trail, SUP, or kayak!

Just off the coast, you’ll also find Sanibel island and Captiva island. If you’re a shell hunter you’ll love it! I recommend going early to avoid the crowds. 

Lovers Key State Park

Where to Eat in Fort Myers

Heavenly Biscuit

Looking for an amazing brunch spot? Check out the biscuits and gravy here or the cinnamon and pecan rolls! Amazing.

Dixie Fish Co.

This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Fort Myers Beach. It actually used to be an old fish market and was turned into a restaurant/bar with amazing seafood dishes. Order all the seafood, some craft beers and don’t forget to try the fried green tomatoes!

Smokin’ Oyster Brewery 

This place is amazing! Locals call it SOB and despite the name, they don’t actually brew beer. It’s got a beach town vibe like many of the restaurants around here and has a great laid-back atmosphere. There’s also live music here quite a lot. Try the scallops or the garlic crabs!

Smokin Oyster Brewery

Where to Stay in Fort Myers

Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina

This is rated the best hotel in Fort Myers but you will pay for that. If you want to be close-ish to the action of Fort Myers I recommend booking your stay here to truly enjoy the amenities and the oceanfront! See current prices here. 

Pink Shell Beach Resort
Hotel Indigo, River District

This is a gorgeous property and has great views of downtown. If you have your pet with you, it’s pet-friendly and it’s a short walk to popular attractions and restaurants in Fort Myers. See current prices here.

Everglades National Park

If you want to extend your trip to the Everglades, I recommend visiting by car! On your way, it might also be worth stopping in Naples or Marco Island if you have time.

Note that cell reception isn’t great in the park, so make sure you download your maps ahead of time or grab a paper map.

This park has so many unique ecosystems and there are so many wonderful walking and hiking paths. You can take a ranger-led tour, or airboat tour and see all sorts of wildlife like manatees, dolphins, and birds! There aren’t accommodations inside the park except camping so you’ll have to stay somewhere nearby. Everglades City is a popular option.

Florida Keys

If you want to continue your trip, you can keep going down to the Florida Keys! I spent most of my time in Key Largo where the best scuba diving is located in the Keys, but all of the Keys have something fun to offer. Check out my Instagram story highlights here to see more about my trip. Here’s my full guide to Key Largo as well.

You could also drive down to Miami if you’re in for a treat! Keep in mind Key West has an airport if you’d like to drop your car down there and fly out after your trip!

See my list of things to do in Miami and what to pack for a weekend in Miami, here.

Hopefully, this helps you plan your road trip down Florida’s West Coast. Please let me know in the comments if there’s anything I’ve missed that I can add to the list for the next time I visit! Also, let’s be friends on Instagram!


Road Trip Down Florida West Coast 1
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast
Road Trip Down Florida West Coast

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