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Important Things To Know About Stagecoach Country Music Festival

Stagecoach Country Music Festival is by far my one of my favorite music festivals in the USA! I mean, how can you not love the nice weather, country music, and HOT COWBOYS?!? 🙂 Not, only is it an awesome festival if you’re a country music fan, but there’s so much more to love besides just the music. I even went with a few people who were indifferent to country music and they each ended up leaving IN LOVE.

Heading to the festival this year? Here’s my guide on things you might want to know based on what I’ve learned attending the festival.

  1. Buy tickets early. You can find tickets here, but they sell out early! Just in case you are reading this post after or before the festival, it usually takes place one of the last weekends of April (before Coachella).
  2. Rent a house. We rented a house from Airbnb (get $40 off with this code) about 2-miles from the festival grounds. It had a pool and held about 12 of us. I highly recommend renting a house because nothing is better than spending most of the day lounging, recovering from the night before, swimming in a pool, and partying until it’s time to head to the festival around 2 or 3 pm each day. Having a pool was a necessity with that heat.
  3. Try to sneak in booze if you can. Alcohol can get expensive inside the festival, so I recommend pre-gaming and then bringing in a crotch whiskey or this wine rack concealable flask if you can! They definitely check for hidden booze though, so you’ve gotta be sneaky!


4. It’s SOOOO hot. I recommend wearing as little clothes as possible 😉 ! But, bring a flannel or light jacket for the night and a bandana for the dust.

Pro Tip: We brought in big things of sunscreen and they got taken away. I think it depends on who you have “frisk” you once you enter the gates, but be sure to apply sunscreen before you go in the festival, or try and bring smaller travel sized containers with you. 

5. We rented bikes to ride back to the house. I don’t think I would do it again. The pro was that it was nice to exit the park and just get going without waiting in taxi lines. The con was that the ride was long, dangerous on the roads, and they don’t have the festival set up for bikers…it’s all sand. If you do rent bikes, make sure you’re close enough to the festival so you don’t have to ride on large public roads. If you don’t do this, just grab an uber afterward, but try to leave a tad bit before the last act ends! Get a free uber ride here. 

6. Part of me wishes we had stayed at the RV camp because it was right in the festival and looked like a party. It also looked SUPER hot and I was happy I had a pool. 🙂  If you want to stay there, fill out an application form ASAP because they fill up fast. 


7. Eat the food! There’s a lot of great options at the festival and I wanted to try them all! Make sure to get some of the amazing BBQ.

8. Fly into Palm Springs, if you can. It’s so much easier than flying into San Diego or LA.

9. Enjoy the high of the weekend. It’s such a blast and everyone is in a good mood…not to mention the music is amazing!


Most of all, get wild and have fun!!! 

Do you have any more tips for the festival goers? If so, leave them in the comments!

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stagecoach country music festival