I was super duper freaked out to go stand up paddle boarding for the first time because I thought I’d fall in and the sea lions and seals would eat me. That was dumb. It’s not as hard as it looks. The boards are wide and you don’t have to stand up until you’re fully comfortable. I was on my knees for a while until I finally got the courage to stand. The good thing with doing it in the bay is that the waves aren’t large to topple you over…it’s pretty calm.

The best time to go stand up paddle boarding in Sausalito (SUPing) is when it’s a gloomy summer day in the city and Sausalito is just peaking out of the fog. I go with SeaTreks, a somewhat hidden company right on the water by the pier and very close by to one of my favorite Sausalito restaurants, Le Garage.  It’s only about $20 to rent for an hour and that seems to be plenty for a great workout and wonderful day on the water!