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Ever since I found photos of Breeze Turner and her dog stand-up paddleboarding all around Tahoe I’ve been wanting a golden retriever, but more importantly, I’ve been wanting to go stand-up paddleboarding as much as possible.

Since my goal this August is to do something active every day, I decided to go last weekend. I’ve also been making it a point to SUP in all of the bodies of water I travel to lately. Most recently I SUPed in Tahoe and McCall, Idaho which was a way different experience than paddling on the bay.

This weekend I went with my friend to my favorite stand-up paddle boarding spot in Sausalito on Richardson Bay to rent boards from Sea Trek Kayak and SUP. We got on the water about 10:45 am and ended around 12:15 pm. The first half of our trip was smooth, paddling through houseboats, catamarans, and yachts, checking out the lounging sea lions on the way.

But then the wind hit.

And it was CRAZY.

We both thought we were going to get taken out to sea and had to use all of the arm strength we had to get back to the loading dock. We got back with a few sore arms, but it was a beautiful day so it made it all worth it!


Sea Treks charges $20 for an hour and then pro-rates for every 15 minutes extra you’re on the water. I also recommend going as early as you can so you can paddle in calmer water. Once we got out of the water they stopped renting boards since the wind picked up so much.

I can’t wait to go again and try more SUP spots in the Bay! Would love more recommendations of places to rent if you have them!