Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Guys! I’m excited to announce that I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award thanks to Emily from the amazing travel blog, Luxury Backpack!  Below I’ll be answering a few questions about myself and about the blog, so feel free to read on!

My Sunshine Award Questions

1. How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging while I was working full-time at a tech company in San Francisco a few years ago. I found myself traveling a lot for work to some pretty cool places around the USA and Canada and thought I’d start writing about my experiences. Since I’m originally from Idaho and had moved to San Francisco I was doing a lot of exploring California as well and decided to keep the blog to track my travels and photography.

 2. What is your blog’s ethos?

The Traveling Spud has evolved over time, but as of now, it focuses on solo female trips around the world and quick guides to the best vacation spots and outdoor adventures.

3. What is your favorite post you’ve written?

My favorite post is probably my post titled, 12 Best Places to Visit in Idaho. First of all, it’s about my home state of Idaho that I love so much and second, I love sharing things to do in Idaho with others. A lot of people don’t even know where Idaho is and after reading or seeing my adventures in Idaho they are always surprised at how beautiful it actually is. It helps that it’s also my most popular post of all time! 🙂

4. If you could be transported to any place right now, where would it be?

Ohhhh can I pick three places? Cool. 🙂 It would have to be, South Africa as my new destination and The Netherlands and Japan as the two places I most want to return!

5. What was the last thing you ate in a foreign country?

The last thing I ate was a Dutch pancake in Amsterdam!

6. What is the most random thing that ever happened to you when traveling?

I think the most random thing that’s happened while traveling had to be when I was in Malaysia on a snorkel tour. I booked it and realized I was the only non-Muslim and non-covered up person on the tour. Everyone else was wearing Burkini’s and were totally covered up! I felt SO AWKWARD cause I had to take my dress off in front of everyone on the boat only to reveal a skimpy bikini that I was wearing underneath. I quickly used my life jacket to cover my body, but man it was random and super awkward because I didn’t want to offend anyone!

7. Describe your best ever trip in three words.

My best trip ever is currently happening as we speak and has been going for 10 months ever since I quit my job to travel for a year! I’d say it’s been epic, inspiring, and eye-opening.

8. Name three blogs that you love.

Alex in Wanderland – I’ve followed her diving and female travel blog for almost 4 years and then ran into her at the Institute of Code while in Bali where we became instant friends!
Taylor’s Tracks – I just love her down to earth posts about her own missteps along the road.
Polkadot Passport – I’m obsessed with her photography which is the main reason I love her blog so much!

9. What would you do if you didn’t blog?

Probably lose a lot of brain cells and forget everything I’ve done on my travels. I think the blog has kept me sane while I’ve been abroad traveling for 10 months and it’s a great way to share with friends and family what I’m up to.

10. And lastly, summarize your life in three songs.

This is a hard one, but here we go.
Just Another Day in Paradise – Phil Vasser
Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta – Geto Boys
Firework – Katy Perry


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  9. What would you do if you didn’t blog?
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