Thanksgiving in Idaho - Boise, Idaho
Since I’m not going home for Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and post some photos that remind me of the holiday! For those of you who don’t know me very well, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything about the fall, everything about mashed potatoes and gravy, and everything about going home for Thanksgiving in Idaho to spend time with my fam!  I’m pretty sad I’m going to be missing it this year, but I’ll be off celebrating and eating guinea pig (jk, jk) in Peru! (Follow my travels on my Instagram here)

Plus, posting these pics kind of makes me feel like I had a Thanksgiving this year. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! 


(our tradition of potato turkeys…only in Idaho!)


(my amazing Gma who cooks all day and then takes us to the Festival of Trees)