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The Best Wavy Hair Products for Travel

After traveling for 1 year and 2 months without a curling iron, straightener or blow dryer, I’ve finally cracked the code for doing my wavy hair while traveling.  I even STILL (occasionally) got compliments on my hair! How did I do this you ask? By testing a few different products and figuring out different ways to get waves in different climates.
Here are the best travel hair products for wavy hair according to moi! 🙂

Microfiber Towel – Now, I didn’t know that this was key to my successful locks until getting back home and realizing the difference of drying my hair with my microfiber towel and a normal one. The difference is actually crazy! Use a microfiber towel while traveling to scrunch your hair up when you get out of the shower and then tie it up for a bit in the towel. When you take it out your waves should still be intact and not be super friztastic.

Bumble & Bumble Salt Spray– This shiz saved my FREAKIN’ life. I went through 3 bottles of it in a year and it was the best hair product I brought on my trip. I would use this after the shower and scrunch it in my hair. Not only would it make my hair dry faster, but it made my waves look so good. This was especially great in climates where my hair would dry fast like SE Asia, but I also used it traveling Europe in the winter to help my hair dry faster and make it wavy without the frizz.

Dry Shampoo – Another lifesaver while traveling was dry shampoo. If I was able to get rockin’ waves one day then I usually could keep them looking good for 3ish days depending on what activities I was doing. So, this dry shampoo came in really handy when I was on the last leg of curls, but still needed my hair to (appear) clean. Plus, this brand smells soooo good I could have used it as freakin’ perfume. For a cheaper version, try Psst! Dry Shampoo ($2.99)

Deep Conditioner – I only did a deep conditioner occasionally and I carried a small travel sized version. I have fine hair, but a lot of it so it’s pretty thick. If I deep condition too close to my scalp it will look greasy after the shower, so I usually would focus on the rest of my hair and scrunch it in. Deep conditioning was a great way to re-set my waves and make sure my hair literally didn’t all fall out from using salt spray on it a few times a day. You can also deep condition with your regular conditioner if you don’t have the deep conditioner. Go Tubes for shampoo and conditioner are also a good idea.

Wet Brush and or Wide Tooth Comb– Let’s be real. I hardly ever brushed my hair while traveling, hence, my occasional dreadlock, but when I did, I used this wet brush. It’s great for traveling and getting out all the tangles.

Hair Serum or Moroccan Oil – Use this sparingly! I love how the hair serum looks only if you use it on the tips of your hair and never use it on your scalp. I loved this when I wanted my waves to have a shiny glow to them, but I did have some scarring experiences with putting it on my scalp so just beware of that cause it might look like you haven’t showered in weeks.

Small Travel Sized Hairspray – I rarely used my hairspray, but it was nice when I needed to put my hair up or tuck in flyaways and sometimes it tamed down the frizz when it got too crazy. If you’re doing a shorter trip (like a few days to 2 weeks) I’d bring it, but it’s not the most necessary thing for long-term traveling.

Volume Shampoo and Conditioner – So, I normally shopped for shampoo and conditioner whenever I’d go to a drug store. I wasn’t super particular about the brand, but I did go for volumizing shampoos over shampoo that contains heavy oils like avocado, olive or castor oil. Wavy hair is typically a bit oilier so the volumizing shampoo and conditioner are a lot better.

IGK Texture Spray – This is great if you’re looking for some texture in your hair! This stuff makes the waves a bit choppier and piecier.

Re-chargeable Travel Curling Iron – This little curling iron is perfect for traveling because it’s chargeable and doesn’t require a cord for every new country your in. Plus, it’s small enough to travel with and notifies you when the charge is running out so you have a chance to charge before you curl. I sorta wish I had brought this on my year-long trip, but I’m glad I didn’t waste time curling my hair.

Travel Blow Dryer – I didn’t bring one on my one year trip because I very rarely blow dry my hair, but if I were to blow dry my hair while traveling I would bring this little guy cause it’s so cute and the perfect size.

Clear Hair Ties – I loved having these along with me during my trip. I also bring regular light brown hair ties to put my hair up, but these are great for when I was doing my wavy hair in braids or wanted to do a twist and leave the hair down.

Sleep in Braids- Okay so this isn’t a product, but it’s a great technique for getting the wavy look without heat.  I only did braids a few times while traveling, but it was a perfect thing to do at night when your hair’s damp. My hair is so thick that if I do braids with my hair wet at night, they will be still wet in the morning. So, I would pull the braids out in the morning and let my hair air-dry after teasing it a bit with my microfiber towel. Sometimes these would turn out and sometimes wouldn’t, but it was always worth a try for a different look.

Do you guys have any products that you swear by for wavy hair and may be perfect for travel? If so, please let me know in the comments cause I’m always looking for new ones to try!

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wavy hair travel products
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