Looking for a romantic spot to go with your lover or besties this Valentines Day? You’ve come to the right place! Here are all of my favorite romantic restaurants in Boise that will be perfect for the date night you’ve always wanted….xoxo. You can also check out the list of my ultimate fave restaurants in Boise here to see if any of these strike your fancy.



If you’re looking for a cozy spot away from the busy downtown, go to Petite 4. This french inspired restaurant has a wide selection of wines, beer and cocktails and is so cutely decorated. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner with your lover or friend. Just make sure to book well in advance because they get booked up quick!

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Capitol Cellars is one of the most romantic spots in town. Located inside what looks like a wine cellar, their dark and romantic atmosphere is perfect for a date night. They have a complete bar and so many wine selections from all over the place, you can’t really go wrong.



What’s more romantic than a homemade pasta dinner! Alavita makes all of their pastas in house with the freshest ingredients. Plus the atmosphere is great for a date night because of it’s comfortable and cozy feel. They’ve also got a wide selection of beers, wines and cocktails.

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Try dining inside of a house for a different type of romantic feel. In the summer the Hyde House has a large patio, but in the winter, cozy up inside the house for a great dinner of locally sourced foods. Try their large selections of wine and beer or some comfort food to fill you right up!



Wylder is a little more of a “hoppin” restaurant, but still has a romantic buzz to it. Try their mushroom toast or honey badger pizza for a nice twist on a classic pie. Stay for their cocktails and enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

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Chandler’s is known as one of the most quintessential romantic fine-dining restaurants in Boise. It’s also known for its great steak dishes, awesome martinis and live jazz every night of the week!



Camel’s Crossing has an exceptional happy hour, but is great for a full meal as well. It’s a small space and is super cozy and romantic. Their food is eclectic and innovative and they use local farm fresh ingredients. Go for the food, stay for the wine!

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Red Feather is connected to it’s sister restaurant Bittercreek Bar and Grill, but RedFeather has a romantic vibe all it’s own. Request to sit upstairs for more of a quiet romantic feel, or sit downstairs to be part of the action at the bar and enjoy some great appetizers and main dishes.



If you want a fun night full of great food and dueling pianos, go to Brickyard! They have excellent steaks and great cocktails and is the perfect spot for a romantic date night.


There are so many great restaurants in Boise, check out my other post here! I hope you enjoy your romantic evening out on the town!

Now, do you guys have any you could share with me? I’m always looking out for new romantic restaurants in Boise!


The Most Romantic Restaurants in Boise Idaho
The Most Romantic Restaurants in Boise Idaho
The Most Romantic Restaurants in Boise Idaho

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