I’m always looking for the next best winter boots for women and I think I’ve found my favorite (at least for now)! 

Usually, I look for versatile, basic boots that are waterproof with great traction and are easy for walking on snow and ice. 

My knees have given out before so it’s important for me to find boots that actually grip the ground, snow, and ice while also being comfortable. 

It’s also imperative that my feet are warm! I currently live in Boise, Idaho and Idaho, in general, gets pretty cold in the winter. 

I like to do a lot of snow sports such as snowshoeing, ice-fishing, and winter walks. It’s nice to have sturdy boots that will keep me warm, but also boots where I don’t have to sacrifice too much style! For example, I need something that’s cute enough to go out to dinners, drinks, events in the winter. 

If you’re looking for a pair of winter boots that are super comfortable, here’s my list of favorite winter boots for women.

The Best Winter Boots for Women

womens winter boots


These boots are PERFECT for every day! They have great grips on the bottom for snow and ice and can also be dressed up or dressed down. 

I’m obsessed with them, have had them for many years, and feel as if they go with everything. I wear them all the time in the winter and they are comfy enough to walk around if you’re traveling. I think the feature I love the most about these boots is the grip on the bottom.

See pricing for the Emelie Chelsea winter boot.

Emelie Chelsea | The Best Winter Boots for Women


These are probably my favorite shoes for winter. They go with everything and are so comfortable and easy to slip on! To me, they are well worth the price and great if you’re going to be walking a lot or exploring a city! 

I don’t recommend them as a full-blown snow shoe, but they do have leather uppers and are waterproof so they would work well for walking around town to keep warm. 

See pricing for the Blundstones BL562 boots.

blundstones | The Best Winter Boots for Women


These are the perfect waterproof boots if you live somewhere that it snows, but the snow melts a lot quicker. Plus, they are a super cute ankle-length that can be worn in the spring, fall, or winter! 

Not only are they comfortable, durable, easy to get on and off, and perfect for walking around, but they can also be worn with a thick sock and are warm even in the cold winters due to their micro-fleece lining. These boots have a rubber outsole and rubber upper to make sure they are extra waterproof.

See pricing for the Sperry Torrent Chelsea Rain Boot.



Both of these boots are great waterproof leather boots with a suede upper perfect for winter. They are super stylish, go with anything, and have a lace-up front closure. Not to mention they also are some of my favorite boots for the great traction. 

You could also dress these up or down depending on what you’re doing. I wear mine throughout the entire winter. 

Not only are they cute, but they are super comfortable due to their OrthoLite® Memory Foam-cushioned footbed made from 98% recycled material.

Both of these shoe options, the Dani and Dezi also come in a bunch of different great colors! 

See pricing for the Bionica Dezi winter boot.

bionica Danie boot


Uggs are a classic, comfy boot perfect for winter. They may be ugly but they are cozy and shearling-lined! 

I love these short ones because they fit better if you’re packing them and they are so easy to throw on to run errands or go to yoga. These, in particular, come with a cute wood button and have 17mm of sheepskin lining and insole for additional warmth and comfort. 

I consider these a staple for my wardrobe because they can be worn around the house and outside for quick errands or a winter drive. 

See pricing for the Bailey Button II Ugg boots.

uggs | The Best Winter Boots for Women


Personally, I think these are the queen of the boots. If you live somewhere cold or are traveling somewhere cold, you’ll want these. 

Not only do they go halfway up your leg to keep you warm, but they have a rubber sole, great traction, are water-resistant, and work great with thick socks. If you’re going to splurge on one boot for a cold and wintery place, I highly recommend these. 

They are an investment, but they are very much worth it to keep your feet warm in low temps. 

See pricing for the Sorel Joan of Arc boots.

Sorel Boots


Sorel is one of my favorite winter boot brands because they are so innovative. Hence their sneaker boots! 

These are comfortably warm ankle boots that can be stylishly worn around town with great traction. They built this boot to beat the elements. 

It’s made with waterproof suede and then lined in microfleece, shearling accents, and a soft EVA footbed. Plus, their lifted soles provide a small lift out of puddles and extra grip when it rains really hard. 

See pricing for the Out ‘n About III Conquest boot.

Sorel sneaker boot


These Ugg boots are made for extreme cold and are a great snow boot option for the winter. Plus, they have a cute faux fur trim and have a rubber sole for great traction in the snow.

Many people also say they work well for winter hikes because of their water resistance, waterproof membrane, and the fact they come up calf-high from the arch.

See pricing for the Ugg Adirondack Boot III.

Ugg Boots


I personally don’t own these because I am really tall and don’t want to twist my ankle. However, so many people I know LOVE these boots. 

They are literally high heels made for snow. If you’re shorter or just are great at walking in heels, these are a fun option. Plus, they are stylish, waterproof, and can be dressed up for a cute mountain town getaway. These also have a high-traction sole that most Sorel boots have. 

See pricing for the Evie Zip Wedge Bootie.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker


Looking for a really great winter hiking boot? These are probably some of the best on the market. They have rubber soles and the waterproof nubuck leather uppers help keep elements out. 

Not only are they light, reasonably nimble, but they are also great for being active. Just keep in mind they aren’t as warm as some of the other boots listed here as these are more focused on active movement. 

See pricing for the Oboz Bridger Winter Hiking Boot

winter hiking boots


These winter boots have a hiker-inspired style and are made of genuine leather. They are waterproof, seam-sealed, and are stylish for a snow boot! 

This brand, Kamik, has pretty advanced snow boot technology. These boots are good for -4°F and water won’t get in the stitches or seams, keeping your feet dry all day long. Plus, they have an odor control insole to keep your feet fresh!

See pricing for the Ariel F Winter boots.

ariel boot


Looking for some fun Moon Boots this winter? These are perfect. They have a rubber tread sole with a rubber upper. 

Now, I’ll be honest, these are more for a look but don’t have as great traction as some of the other boots listed here. However, these are super stylish for apres ski or walking around a fun mountain town resort. 

See pricing for the Mid Rubber WP Moon Boots.



If you’re looking for the moon boot look, but want something a bit more practical for winter, these boots are great. They have serious insulation and thermal-reflective lining. 

They are comfortable, waterproof, and have solid traction for wintery surfaces. I think these are perfect for walking around town, running errands, or putting on after a day of skiing.

See pricing for the Paninaro™ Omni-Heat™ Pull-On boot.

Columbia boot


These boots are super stylish, lightweight, waterproof, and insulated. They are made with leather and a rib-knit. In fact, you can roll down the internal sock bootie for a versatile style. 

These would be a great option for a post-ski walking shoe since they are comfortable and waterproof. I could also see these used every day to walk around town in the winter. 

See pricing for the North Face Sierra Knit boots.

North Face boot

What to think about when shopping for winter boots?

Remember that winter boot shopping is typically an argument over function vs. fashion. Not all of the cutest winter boots will be functional and sometimes you might have to sacrifice depending on the activity you are participating in. 

I love having really warm boots for snow activities, shorter snow boots for apres ski or walking around town when it’s winter, and another pair that are cute enough to wear out to dinner or something fancier when in mountain towns. 

Just remember when you’re purchasing online to read reviews of the boots so you can ensure you’re getting the warmest boots with the best fit and traction. 

How should snow boots fit?

Most likely in the winter months, you’ll be wearing thicker socks with your snow boots. Just remember that this can affect the sizing. Some people size up in snow boots so they can accommodate a thicker sock inside. However, many boots these days come with a thicker internal lining so the thick sock isn’t always necessary. Winter boots can be bulky so it’s not always the best choice to go bigger as it can wear out your leg muscles. Many times I will go with my original size and then just adjust my sock to the boot. Another great idea is to read reviews online before you buy to see if people recommend sizing up or not. 

Winter boot traction

If you’re anything like me and need even more traction for your winter boots, I recommend investing in some rubber traction devices! Let’s be real, even the best rubber and tread on a boot won’t stand a chance against a sheet of ice. 


I love using my rubber trax for under my boots. They are similar to this and this. Another great brand I’ve been told about for heavy-duty ice and snow walking is these Kahtoola spikes. For me, having spikes just gives me a lot more peace of mind when I know I’ll be walking on a lot of ice. 

Winter weather calls for capable footwear so whether or not you’re doing a winter activity, walking around the city, or just need something warm I hope this list helps you out!

Now, do you guys have any you could share with me? I’m always looking out for the latest and greatest stuff. 🙂

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Best Winter Boots for Women
Best Winter Boots for Women