I’m always looking for the next best winter boots for women and I think I’ve found my most favorite (at least for now)! My favorites are versatile, basic and great on the snow and ice. My knees aren’t the best so it’s important for me to find boots that actually grip and are comfortable. I’ve worn these boots all around the world and love them all for the snow and ice! So, if you’re looking for a pair of winter boots that are super comfortable, here’s my list of favorite winter boots for women.

The Best Winter Boots for Women


These boots are PERFECT for every day! They have great grips on the bottom for snow and ice and can also be dressed up or dressed down. I’m obsessed with them and feel as if they go with everything. I wear them all the time in the winter and they are comfy enough to walk around if you’re traveling. I think these boots feature I love the most is the grip on the bottom.

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These are probably my favorite shoes for winter. They go with everything and are so comfortable and easy to slip on! To me, they are well worth the price and great if you’re going to be walking a lot or exploring a city! They have leather uppers and are waterproof, but I don’t recommend them for playing in the snow all day. 


These boots are the perfect waterproof boot if you live somewhere that it snows, but melts a lot quicker. These are comfortable and super cute ankle boots with a rubber outsole. Plus, they are warm even in the cold winters.

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These are a great waterproof boot for winter. Plus they are super stylish with great traction. You could also dress these up or down depending on what you’re doing. They come in a bunch of different colors. 


Uggs are classic and perfect for winter and they may be ugly but they are cozy and shearling lined! I love these short ones because they fit better if you’re packing them and they are so easy to throw on to run errands or go to yoga.

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Personally, I think these are the queen of the boots. If you live somewhere cold or are traveling somewhere cold, you’ll want these. Not only do they go halfway up your leg to keep you warm, but they have a rubber sole, great traction, are water-resistant, and work great with thick socks. If you’re going to splurge on one boot, I highly recommend these. 


Sorel is one of my favorite winter boot brands because they are so innovative. Hence their sneaker boots! These are comfortably warm ankle boots that can be stylishly worn around town with great traction.

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These Ugg boots are made for extreme cold and are the perfect snow boots for the winter. Plus, they have a cute faux fur trim and have a rubber sole for great traction in the snow. Many people also say they are great for winter hikes because of their water-resistance and traction. 

Some other boots I’ve heard are great for winter are these Sorel heels, these Gobi Boots!

Now, do you guys have any you could share with me? I’m always looking out for the latest and greatest stuff. 🙂

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The Best Winter Boots for Women