The Ultimate Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Guide

Palm Springs is one of my favorite places to go when I’m in the mood for some fun in the sun! I’ve been here many times and each time it’s like a rejuvenation for the soul!

I’m also obsessed with architecture and one of my favorite things to do is to be on the hunt for the colorful doors of Palm Springs!

I went for the first time on my girls’ weekend trip to Palm Springs and we had the best time. It would also be such a great activity for a bachelorette party in Palm Springs!

Where to see the most colorful doors in Palm Springs

Finding the colorful doors of Palm Springs isn’t very hard because so many doors in the town are colorful! My roommate and I had a fun time searching around for the best ones—especially the pink door in my photo above that is so famous. 

Note: This pink-door house is actually a house you can rent now! It’s called Villa Sierra and has a 75-foot swimming pool, outdoor shower, and cabana for up to 10 people. You might not even want to leave this compound! Downtown Palm Springs is just a 5-minute drive away.

So, where do you see the most colorful doors of Palm Springs? I find that the Indian Canyon neighborhood in Palm Springs is the best! It’s a quiet neighborhood and all you have to do is drive around, ride your bike, or walk around and you’ll find a ton!

You’ll also notice that some of the hotels in the area have colorful doors like the beautiful, Parker Palm Springs.

The best time to visit the colorful Palm Springs doors

Honestly, you can come to see these doors at any time of day and any month! They will be there. There is a famous Modernism Week in Palm Springs each year that celebrates these mid-century modern homes and Palm Springs architecture in February! This could be a great time to come if you’re really into architecture. If not, I recommend grabbing your girlfriends and biking or driving through the homes during the day or early evening for nice soft lighting!

Take a guided tour of the Palm Springs doors

If finding these yourself isn’t really your jam, you can go to Modern Tours Palm Springs where they have listed out the best and most photogenic and most popular doors in the area with exact addresses, descriptions, and more about its architecture! This is a great option if you have limited time and want to see them all without wandering around aimlessly! 

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Just keep in mind that these are people’s homes

These homes are gorgeous and many people like to take photos in front of them, but just remember that people do live here! Try to stay closer to the sidewalk and don’t go too close to the door to be respectful of their private property and space. 

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