The Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, Slovenia

If the photo above doesn’t convince you to make a getwaway to Lake Bled Slovenia then I don’t know what will. And I promise it looks like this in real life. It really is a fairytale! 🙂

Lake Bled is located on the outskirts of the Triglav National Park, a gorgeous park in northwest Slovenia. There are two major lakes close to one another in the area, Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled. Lake Bled is more of the touristy fairytale lake, rightfully so, and Bohinj is less crowded and more popular with the locals.

Lake Bled boats

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Like I mentioned above, Lake Bled is UNREAL! In the middle of the lake is a small island with a church on top and hovering over the lake is a large cliff with the Lake Bled castle overlooking the entirety of the lake. I was pretty awestruck when I arrived and saw that the photos I saw of the lake weren’t just extremely edited, the lake is real and it REALLY looks like that! After visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and Hallstatt in Austria I thought I couldn’t find anything prettier until I came to Lake Bled.

Visiting Lake Bled, Slovenia

I visited Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj at the end of October and there weren’t many tourists at all. It was an amazing time to visit despite a little fog and rain!

House in Lake Bled

The Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled Slovenia

Here’s what to do on your perfect Getaway to Lake Bled Slovenia


(1) Walk around Lake Bled.

To walk around the whole lake it will take about 1 1/2-2 hours or more depending on how often you stop for pics like I did. You’ll get amazing views of the lake and the island and get some exercise too! 🙂

 The Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, SloveniaLake Bled tourist

(2) Eat a famous Lake Bled cream cake.

There are a few places to get a Bled cream cake and I recommend that you do! The best ones are at Slascicarna Smon and the Park Hotel.
Lake Bled cream cake

(via Little Wanderings)

(3) Hike up to Ojstrica hill to see views like this.

The hiking trail is right after the wooden walking path at the opposite side of the lake from most of the hotels/restaurants and it’s well worth a trek up. Should only take about 15-20 mins.Ojstrica hill fall hike

(4)  Take a boat out to the island in the center of the lake.

Once on the island, ring the bell and make a wish for good luck! You can also walk around the island and get great views of the rest of the lake. They also have an ice cream shop if the weather is nice enough!The Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, SloveniaThe Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, SloveniaThe Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, SloveniaThe Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, Slovenia

The Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, Slovenia

fall leaves hiking trail

The Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, SloveniaThe Perfect Getaway to Lake Bled, Slovenia

(5) Hike up to the castle, bee keep and wine bar.

The views from the castle are breathtaking. I went at night and loved seeing everything lit up.

Lake Bled at night

Slovenia travel at night

Foggy Lake Bled, Slovenia

(6) Make a trek to the Vintgar Gorge.

I walked here from my hostel which took about 3 hours total do go there and back. I made an entire loop. This is located in the Triglav National Park and it’s beautiful. The water is almost not real!

Vintgar Gorgetrek to Vintgar Gorge

Triglav National ParkTriglav National Parktrekking Vintgar Gorge

(7) Eat dinner at Murka.

If you want huge portions like Slovenians do, then go here to get your typical Slovenian dishes! If you don’t know what to order they will help you out. It was so delish.

(8) If you have time, take the bus to Lake Bohinj.

Lake Bohinj is about 45 mins bus ride from Lake Bled. When I was there it was extremely serene with barely a person in sight. I walked halfway around the lake and bussed back, but you can also kayak on the lake and there are hikes to do in the area. I seriously couldn’t believe the water!!

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bled Slovenia Guide

If you can make it to Slovenia, I strongly recommend taking a few days to stay in Lake Bled. I stayed for 2 nights and could have done longer because I love being by the lake so much. Until next time, Slovenia!

Thank you Visit Lake Bled for graciously hosting me in this wonderful part of the world! As always, all opinions and suggestions are my own.