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The first-ever online course helping women everywhere save money, leave their 9-5 jobs and plan their long-term dream trips around the world.

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Are you someone who has always dreamt about traveling the world long-term, but feel too overwhelmed to actually make it happen?

If so, youre in the right place.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You’re uninspired at your 9-5 and want to live a life of adventure (like I was)

  • You’ve always wanted to travel the world, but don’t know where to start—like how much to budget, how to quit your job, what to do about transportation and visas, what to pack etc.

  • You dream of sitting on the beach in Bali, but don’t know how to get the funds to pick up and go.

  • You may not be satisfied with your 2-weeks of vacation a year and want more.

  • You want to travel NOW because you’re young and healthy and/or don’t have a lot of responsibilities holding you back.

  • You have the travel bug, are sick of your 9-5, and are passionate about traveling.

Well, my friend, I was in your exact shoes a few years ago and I am living proof that you can make it happen!

Hi, I’m Katie

A few years ago I left my comfortable corporate job in San Francisco to travel the world for 14-months. Before I took off, I was like you. I felt overwhelmed with how to make it happen and I had SO many fears holding me back.

I knew I wanted freedom and adventure, but I felt extremely nervous and confused making the decision. After a lot of research, budgeting, and planning I finally turned my dream into a reality!

This trip was HANDS DOWN the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I will always cherish the moment I made the decision to go.

As I spent hours researching and planning for my trip, I vowed to myself that I would make this easier for women in the future.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created this course for you.

My goal for this course is to help you release the fears and overwhelm surrounding your trip and make you feel prepared and safe for your adventure! All while getting you one step closer to sipping that piña colada on the beach.

Imagine if. . .

  • You didn’t have to worry about setting your alarm and going to your 9-5 job each and every day.

  • You could wake up in a foreign country and walk to the beach with a cocktail in hand (every day if you wanted to).

  • You no longer felt overwhelmed to quit your job or talk to your parents/friends about the decision you’ve made.

  • You felt extremely prepared with the resources you needed to start planning, packing and budgeting for your trip.

  • You no longer feared for your travel safety or worried about what you’re going to do when you get home.

  • You were doing exactly what you want to do every single day!

So, what will you learn in this course?

  • The exact budgeting and money saving processes I used to save $35K for my 14-months of travel.

  • My proven system to help you plan and prep for your trip.

  • How to deal with the overwhelm, naysayers and internal fears holding you back from biting the bullet and taking the leap.

  • How to have the tough conversations with your family, friends and/or boss.

  • How to make friends while traveling & get the most out of your travels.

  • How to deal with language barriers and cultural norms.

  • How to find the best flight and accommodation deals.

  • How to travel safely and live your best life on the road.

Are you ready to take the leap and make your travel dreams happen?

I’m ready!

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course curriculum

Introduction & How to Navigate Through This Course

→ Motivating Yourself to Take the Plunge

→ The 6 Steps for Motivation & Inspiration

→ Combatting Your Doubts & Limited Beliefs

→ [Bonus] Manifestation, Mindset & Visualization

MODULE 2: Key Trip Decisions

→ What is Your Traveler Type?

→ Map Out Entire Trip or Go With the Flow?

→ A Round the World Ticket or Book as You Go?

→ Gain Clarity on What Type of Trip You Want to Go On

→ Determine Where You Want to Travel & What You Want to Do

MODULE 3: Budgeting & Saving

→ It’s Time to Look at Your Spending Habits

→ Saving, Saving, Saving! How to Do It Right

→ Budget Template & Daily Budget Plans

→ Saving $$ for Your Return Home

→ How to Save $$ on the Road

→ [BONUS] Finding Work on the Road……..

MODULE 4: Pre-Trip Preparation + Logistics

→ Quitting Your Job: How to Let Your Boss Know + Talk Track & Email Template

→ What to Do With My Belongings?

→ Tough Conversations w/ Family & Friends About Leaving

→ What to Do For Healthcare & Insurance

→ Immunizations, Medications, Feminine Hygiene, Birth Control & Plan B

→ Cell Phones, Wifi, Hotspots, Sim Cards…What to Do?!

MODULE 5: Becoming a Master Packer!

→ The Best Bags & Travel Gear

→ Clothing, Shoes & Toiletries

→ How to Do Laundry While Traveling?

→ Master Packer Tips

→ What to Do When Seasons Change

→ What to Do If You’re an Over-Packer

MODULE 6: Travel Documentation

→ Passport Logistics & Visas

→ What to Use for Payment & Identification in Different Countries?

→ The Best Travel Credit & Debit Cards

→ The Best Ways to Document Your Trip

MODULE 7: Booking & Planning Your Trip

→ How to Find Cheap Flights, Accommodation & Transportation

→ What Type of Accommodation Should I Stay In?

→ How to Get Around While Traveling?

→ Everything to Do Before Entering a New Country: Apps to Download, Currency etc.

MODULE 8: On the Road Tips & Tricks

→ How to Make Friends While Traveling

→ Travel Safety

→ How to Best Explore a Country or City

→ Dealing With Language Barriers

→ What to Do if You Get Sick or Homesick & How to Stay Healthy on the Road (+ Self Care Tips)

→ Getting Along w/ Travel Partner or Dealing w/ Solo Travel

→ Cultural Norms & Travel Etiquette

→ What to Do if Things Go Wrong

MODULE 9: Coming Home

→ Acclimating Back to Your Home Country Culture

→ Ensuring You Have Enough $$ Upon Return

→ Dealing with Post Travel Emotions

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