I had the hardest time figuring out what to pack for Florida when I was traveling there in February this year, so I decided to write my own post about what to pack for Florida in the winter! The weather can change a lot and sometimes can fluctuate quite a bit from morning to night. The temps in Florida in winter range from 60-80 degrees, but it’s always pretty humid and will most likely will feel warmer than it really is. Winter nights also can get chilly, so make sure to be prepared for that. You’ll also want to be sure to pack for any fun activities you’re going to do! I happened to get to swim with manatees and dive with sharks, so I made sure to plan for some adventure.

What to Pack for Florida in the Winter

What to Pac


Light Jacket – You won’t need a huge coat, but you will get cold on some days and at nighttime. I recommend bringing a sweater or sweatshirt, jean jacket, and or army jacket. I wore my army jacket the most.

Leggings – I bring leggings just about everywhere I go, but I only wore these on the plane to Florida. Because of the humidity and the fact I was there at the end of February, I didn’t need them as much. However, it was a great option for the long plane ride and a good option if you don’t want to wear jeans around. These are my favorite leggings of all time.

Jeans – I think jeans are a good option to bring just in case, but they aren’t necessary! I definitely think they are a good option if you look at the weater beforehand and it says it’s in the 50s-60’s. If you do pack jeans, try packing some lighter and looser kinds like these.

Swim Suits – Definitely bring a few swim suits for ocean and pool adventures! I try and pack a one piece and a couple bikinis. I have the pink bikini below and love it.

Shorts/Romper- I ended up wearing shorts quite a bit because it started to get pretty balmy. So, i paired shorts or a romper with a sweater or jacket and it was perfect.

Dress/Maxi- I wore my maxi dress a lot because it covered my legs and in the cool mornings it was awesome! I have the black one below and love it. Some days are hotter than others so I recommend bringing a few different options.

Tank Tops/T-shirts – I love packing basics so I can layer and add accessories. Here are some good basics to bring for tanks and tees.


Sandals – Depending on the activities you are doing, you will most likely wear sandals a lot of the time. I recommend some beachy sandals, flip-flops, strappy wedges for going out and some outdoorsy sandals like these if you’re doing water activities.

Walking shoes – I love my pair of these and only needed these and a few sandal options! They are so comfortable for walking and still stylish.


Sun Hat – Even in the winter, the sun is blazing down in Florida. Bring a sun hat or a cap like my favorite one here.

SunglassesThis brand and these sunnies are my favorite right now!

Beach bag or Dry Bag – I brought this dry bag that I love and a beach bag similar to this!

Purse – I love these types of purses for Florida!

Other – Water bottlere-usable straw, turkish towel

Fun Florida Specific Accessories: 


Makeup with sunscreen – No matter what day, it seems like the sun is always shining, so cover your bases with a tinted moisturizer with SPF! This Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is my all time favorite.

Sunscreen – I love this brand of sunscreen and it comes with a carry-on bottle.

Bug spray – We got eaten alive at the beach at night, so be sure to bring some bug spray. I love the natural DoTerra Terrashield kind.

Dry shampoo – I brought this kind because it’s hot/humid during the day and this is actually like washing your hair!

Adventure Gear:

There are so many things to do in Florida and most of the adventure gear you need can be rented. Things like snorkel gear, golf clubs, tennis racquets and scuba wet suits probably don’t need to be packed with you. But, if you have your own it never hurts to bring them as well!

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What to Pack for Florida in Winter
What to pack for Florida in Winter