Why Alsace is My Favorite Region in France

The Alsace region of France is located in the North East part of the country and is right on the border with Germany and Switzerland. In fact, you can drive to Zurich, Switzerland and Stuttgart, Germany in about 2 hours!

Alsace is strongly influenced by Germany and most people in the area speak German, French or Alsacian.



It’s surprising to me, but Alsace is one of the regions of France that gets somewhat overlooked when people plan trips to France. It’s definitely starting to become more and more popular because of tools like Instagram showcasing its beauty, so now is the time to visit. And….. can you say Beauty and the Beast? Every town we went to…especially Colmar, France reminded me of the movie and of course, I died and went to heaven.

The Alsace region is mainly known for its amazing structured fairytale-like houses, white wineries, and incredible rolling hills. If you visit, make sure to wine taste, walk around, take a boat down the river in Colmar and eat cheese at a French auberge.



Because of the German influence, they have great beer and breweries as well! Make sure to drink the beer here! 🙂



DSC_0291_2 DSC_0271_2

I got particularly lucky when I want to Alsace because of our foreign exchange student, Jean, grew up in Colmar so he took us to all of the local spots. Pays to know the locals!! My favorite parts of our overall visit were wine tasting in the hills and going to the Auberge at the top of a large mountain where they handmade their own cheese.

If you go to Europe, please hit up the Alsace Region of France!

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