At the peak of San Francisco’s Indian Summer is one of the best weekends of the year…

SF Fleet Week!! 20330867200_e7b813f838_o

 U.S. Navy ships sail in to the bay and the Blue Angels do an airshow overhead. This is especially awesome if you’re at an SF rooftop party with views of the bridges and bay. I had a party last year on my roof and it was one my favorite weekends in the city!

If you’re visiting SF and don’t know anyone with a roof deck, fear not! There are plenty of other celebrations to enjoy with views of all the action.


The Air Show

Try not to miss the Saturday air show! Fleet Week goes from October 5-12, but the weekend is when the real action happens. The Blue Angels practice all week and they fly over Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge. They fly so close together and so close to the city, it’s almost scary! They fly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and they practice on Thursday.

Where to watch the air show? 



Parade of Ships

Tons of Navy ships sail underneath the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday morning around 10am. You can view the parade from anywhere on the waterfront.

Marina Green

This is where a lot of the military exhibits, food trucks and souvenir stands are located. It’s a fun place to walk around and look at all of the ships along the water.

Here are some more resources if you’re considering coming to Fleet Week in SF! Beware of the crowds because roughly 1Million people watch the show and the city is busy!

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 Have FUN!!!